Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In which Maya Calls about a Sublet

I may have found the perfect sublet. It's in brooklyn, $800/month, and comes with two cats. Its near the A,C train, so I can get to Manhattan easily enough. I called the subletter, and we're going to email back and forth. Woohoo.

The rough cut of Sexually Frank is making the rounds on Emerson campus to very positive reviews. I've been talking to Frankie about the film festival circuit, how submissions work, and what his feasible goals are. Yay for learning a tidbit about my industry. I've also told him I'm happy to go anywhere the film screens for interviews and PR purposes.

I've been cast, based on my photos and video clip, in an indie pilot called BeWare. The director has an internship and contacts lined up in LA in the summer, and plans to pitch it then. However, he's not looking to shoot until the spring. I'm happy to have anyone worthwhile in LA see my face...so the project will go on the back burner, providing I don't go union before it shoots.

I'm hoping to see a few emails responded to over the next few days as people recover from Christmas and the blizzard. I keep submitting for local film projects: anything that's not yet on my demo reel character wise where the people making it sound mostly competent gets an email.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We are sick, we are sick, we are sick-sick-sick

It seems I've gotten another sinus infection. Brilliant.

My Excedrin spec commercial has already been posted on facebook! Hooray for a quick turnaround.

The agency in PA wrote me back. Apparently they only want to interview me after I kick my whole 'job' thing. Soon as I know when I'm done with MSFT they'll be getting an email from me.

The SLC student film with the *unnamed celebrity* is still on, and looking to shoot in February. Awesome.

No word from Fairhaven, the Boston Casting movie. I suppose its still possible that they want to use me, but I'm not waiting by the phone.

After consulting with two other actresses on the Excedrin commercial, I broke down and signed up for AgencyPro. Apparently Boston Casting gets in big trouble with SAG if they acknowledge the service results in getting called in more frequently. Hmm.

Lastly, I'm back to submitting for local film in an effort to get enough featured work for the demo reel. My clip from 'Sexually Frank' has been getting me positive reviews, so let's hope that stays a trend.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Actual Big News!

I have all the kinect branded swag you could ever ask for. Mmm, grapey chapstick.

My audition went very well on thursday. I got stared down by another blonde in the hallway (we weren't even reading for the same role, but I guess haters must hate), but also ran into an Enron colleague of mine. My make-up read well on the monitor, and I got smiles, slow nods, and a chorus of "oh, good"s after I read.

The Excedrin spec commercial went well. They expect a finished product in the next couple weeks. I'll be able to put my dinosaur skills on my reel!

And now, the *big news*. An agency I submitted for on Actors Access wants to interview me for theatrical and commercial/print representation! I could feasibly have an agent before I move to New York!

They asked about my availability on a saturday, and I told them about my microsoft schedule. Hopefully we can work something out.

Off to go distribute purple toys!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clever Girl

Today I'll be reprising my Velociraptor impression for an Excedrin spec commercial. The contest was invite-only, with about 20 filmmakers competing. The winner will get their commercial aired nationally...but I'm hoping there will be online exposure/voting as well. They've promised a quick turnaround on my DVD copy.

I have a meeting scheduled Monday to be the spokesperson for...honestly I'm not sure what. I think its a furniture company. I'm driving to Pembroke for a screen test. They want to 'talk about a plan that works for us all', so I think I've already been pretty heavily vetted.

Boston Casting has called me in for an audition for a REAL MOVIE. Its a Low-Budget SAG feature to shoot early in the new year. I'd probably have to quit my Microsoft gig...but this kind of gig is the one that I've been holding out for. That audition is in Allston on Thursday.

Lastly, I've reached out to my contacts at Turbine Games (Lord of the Rings Online) to find out what union I'd have to be in to do voice -over work for them. I've been looking for an excuse to join AFTRA, SAG would be difficult unless this Boston Casting gig works out. I guess we shall see.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Too Early for Photographer Drama

And yet I've already had some this morning. I've officially been called old-looking. That didn't take very long, did it?

Thursday I auditioned for " Tonya & Nancy", a rock opera showcasing at the Oberon in late January. They liked my audition picks (Randy Newman's "God's Song", and "Fifteen Pounds away from my Love"), and asked me to stay for a movement call. Turns out it was a dance call.I danced in jeans and socks...but so did the other auditioners. A heads-up would have been nice, but I think I danced reasonably well given the circumstances.

The DP from "That Late Thursday Night" asked me to star in his senior thesis shooting next semester. The script sounds interesting, and showcases a side of me not yet captured on film for the demo reel, so I said yes.

Boston Casting has called me in to audition for a REAL MOVIE in January. Details to come.

My day job officially has me working Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. I am not entirely pleased about this. I also have yet to find out how long my obligation extends into the new year. My boss has promised to keep me in the loop.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No More Christmas Carols...

The worst part of my current job is easily the incessant christmas carols being pumped into every store. No one can escape Mariah Carey. Speaking of, I need to figure out when exactly this current job ends, so I can apply for every last scrap of other work available.

I received word that one of my student films ("Nighthawks") is nearly done, and will be screened and printed to DVD this coming week. One step closer to that elusive demo reel...

I've made plans to do a photoshoot with the DP from "That Late Thursday Night". A new headshot would be lovely, but if I walk away with a good casual 3/4 body shot I'll be happy.

I've registered for a few higher-end promo companies based in NYC. My search for a sublet is premature, as anything listed now will be irrelvant/gone by the time I'm able to relocate.

I'm finding myself increasingly frustrated with my unavailability. I think the real killer right now is my lack of weekends--it nearly eliminates my chances of working on most student films and indies. Nearly all the projects listed on Actors Access seem to be posted about a week in advance, though I submit myself for the rare few listed for January and after. I find myself anxiously re-checking the prices of the online Backstage subscription, only to realize I'd be wasting a month of my expensive membership.

Lastly: outside of the professional and/or Equity calls, I've decided not to audition for more theater in the Boston area. Yes, I do need to keep working, but I'd rather not make long term commitments based on a $200 stipend and a bit role in a musical revival. New goal: land underpaid theater in New York, and start networking the crap out of it. Soon as I'm available, at least...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seriously Neglected Blog

Let's recap on all the things I missed:

SpeakEasy had a non-union call; I did not receive an appointment. Right now my 'stage' resume is a little straight-play heavy, which has lead to the inevitable Musical Theater resume. Once I polish all three incarnations, it will be time for some serious stapling and cutting so I can easily grab whichever version I need before an audition.

I modeled for Dawnamatrix again at the Deviant Ball at Machine. I had an excellent time, and need to remember to email her about the photos.

I auditioned for a rock band, and they liked me! They're a bit older than me, but they're looking for an attractive (trained) musician to record vocals and shop for a record deal. They have an outer-space theme; I think I'd make an excellent android vocalist. I warned them I'd be off-radar for a week or so. I'd really like to sing for them without coming straight from talking to people for 8 hours straight. Damn need for a job.

I went to New York to carol for TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I had been hoping that due the client presence and visibility of the NY market, that promos would have a higher level of accountability than Boston. So much for that idea. Wednesday was officially declared 'rained out', so I missed out on the second day of work. I wasn't pleased about that, but I made an actor friend, and got to see friends in New Jersey.

Actors Access won't let me write notes for casting submissions now, so I can't link to my film clips. Boooo. I'm still submitting for roles, but it really presses the need for a finished demo reel.

I quit working for Busy Bee promotions. I cannot fathom why any company would send me a time, address, and product for a demo that I'm not supposed to work. The fact that they don't 'have time' to filter that out before it gets to me speaks to their disorganization and lack of professionalism.

Overall, I'm about halfway through the "make money during christmas season" plan. I'm fairly pleased with it, but still looking for more Monday-Wednesday gigs to snap up. I will also go back to my goal of blogging 3x a week. I swear. Hopefully.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recovered Sleep Deficit

My sleep schedule has recovered! Yay!

We finished up That Late Thursday Night at an ungodly hour Friday morning. Despite some mild disorganization, I was pleased with it, and hope that it will come out well. I connected with the DP, who has a strong background in photography,and is looking for some TFP work. We've been talking about shooting, as well as me possibly doing some voice over work for stop-motion-animation.

Sunday morning I auditioned for a season with a local production company. They're shooting a couple shorts, a feature length, and a pilot. They seemed to like my reading for one of the lead roles. They seemed surprised that I could turn out a decent reading without previous direction and critique. Yay acting homework.

I spoke with my SLC friend, and the logistics just don't work out to do his film this semester. However, he does want me on his film in the Spring. I would have a leading a role, and there would be a real live famous actor involved! I'm looking not to jinx myself, so the actor will remain unnamed until I have more details.

Last summer I had been in talks with a rock band to do some work as a vocalist. The emails fizzled out, and I assumed they went with someone else. Lo and behold, I received an email from them yesterday. They're still looking, and have settled on a sci-fi theme for the band. I need to pick out a song to cover for my audition, but I'm also looking at writing a vocal line to one of the demos they've posted online. I do look good in spandex and lamé....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I think I'm officially Nocturnal

Between Seattle jet-lag, two dolls shows in a row, an overnight shoot on friday, and a midnight promo last night, I haven't seen 7am in some time now.

Nighthawks went very well.I had never seen a crew so large for a student film. Everyone was upbeat, despite the late hour and cold. Over the course of the evening we had 911 called on us, drunks and junkies try to come in thinking we were open, film mags jam, but I was very pleased with how things went.

Today I have an audition for Shakespeare Now, for which, honestly, I could have been better prepared. My best hope for a role is Helena in Midsummer, as I am towering maypole-size.

Tonight I'm shooting That Late Thursday Night in Fitchburg. The script is simple, and I think does a very good job of showing some relationship collateral damage.

Last but not least, I just put a video up on Youtube for a Sarah Lawrence friend. His most recent film was screened at a horror festival in New York. The character I read for was originally male, but if he likes my read we can work it out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its not my fault, I was in Seattle!

...and lugging my laptop through two airports seemed like no fun at all.

My staged reading of The Elephant Man went well. We performed for a small but enthusiastic audience at a church in Newton. I think Mrs. Kendal is a good role for me, but in order to include it I'd have to put a 'staged reading' section on my resume and eat up valuable space. Hmm.

I've landed two student films in the past week. One shoots this friday night in Boston, and the other next week in Fitchburg. I'm rather partial to the script for the latter, but since its undergrad BFA season I'm looking to snap up as much reel material as possible.

Speaking of reels, I've realized that my Actors Access profile is sadly lacking in video. Because they charge per minute, I think I am going to hold off until I have a reel, rather than pay for five minutes of video from one movie. Does anyone have experience of this, and hold the magical knowledge of what "they" are looking for?

I have an audition for Shakespeare Now next week. While it would put the investigating New York plan on hiatus, it would pay my bills doing Shakespeare. That would be...more than okay.

I spent the past two nights at the Dresden Dolls reunion shows at the Wilbur theater, and must give a shout out to last night's opener, Bitter Ruin. They're a voice/guitar duo from the UK, and theatrical and warped in all the right ways. Check them out. Now. Seriously.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Curious Email

There's an email I keep getting from Boston Casting.
It's not the usual "Your account is non-active!" email, referring to the fact that I will not shell out $200/year for more pictures and video on their website.

I received an email that lists the number of projects they've submitted me for in past couple days, and then they ask me to please, start using their pay service.

If they're already submitting me for projects, why would I shell out the money? (The last time I received this email I got called in for the Shaq commercial the next day.)

I don't know either.

In other news, I subscribed to ShowFax. I've started submitting myself for roles in New York. Most of them list when they'll shoot, so I can stick to day roles I'd be able to commit to.

I had an audition for a SAG student thesis film at Harvard yesterday. I fit the type well, and was pleased with my audition. I should hear in the next couple days. Heeeere voucher voucher voucher...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Hell of a Town

The inevitable has happened-- I've started considering relocating to New York. I find myself continuing to wait for work that local casting directors and "industry professionals" promise will arrive...to find a big fat nothing.

I am a little sad that I've locked up my weekends for the foreseeable future. It has put a real dent in my ability to take on student films, which leaves me with an incomplete reel. I need to start seeing what older footage I can get my hands on from High Heel Samurai and student films.

On the to-do list for today: renew my StageSource membership, and sign up for ShowFax on Actors Access. I don't know how much work I can realistically submit myself for with my limited availability, but I think its worth a shot.

On the list for the near future: get a new headshot. One with my hair down, looking prettier than I do in the old headshot.

Game plan now that weekends are unavailable: earn as much money as humanly possible this Christmas season to prepare for probable moving expenses.

My current commitments have me in Boston through the end of January. I guess we'll see if work magically shows up between now and then.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Catch-up Time

The past week or so I have been knocked flat by a sinus infection. I have been relying on my parents and boyfriend for rides, and lacking the energy to do much other than get through Enron every night.


Wednesday I auditioned for The Donkey Show at the ART. While I wasn't in my best voice, I felt good about the dancing and improv. I also got through an hourlong dance call not really able to breathe through my nose. Not too shabby.

Yesterday I got called in last minute by Boston Casting for a commercial that will star brand new Celtics team member Shaq. The casting director laughed, and said I did a 'good job.' So I got that going for me. That's shooting sunday...so I'd have to hear soon.

I've signed up for an audition with a touring educational Shakespeare company, and have started vetting student film projects to finish out my reel. One about snuff films looks pretty interesting...

Friday, October 8, 2010

We Have A Winner

I am pleased to announce that I've accepted the seasonal position with Mosaic. I will be a Kinect Brand Ambassador through the end of January. October 25th they are flying me out to Microsoft Corporate for training.

My schedule will be thursday through sunday. While this will cut down on the number of student films I can participate in, it will still leave monday through wednesday available for whatever I see fit. Its also about damn time that I started making money again.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Update

I got a call from the head of the Kinect project--

Because of my experience, I get to bypass the group interview. I have an individual interview tomorrow morning, because they want to "move forward" with me.

I rock. Yay jobs I like! Yay money!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm having flashbacks to fifth grade gym...

I've started a teeth-whitening kit. Hollywood prefers 3 shades lighter than natural, and I drink too much coffee and Irish Breakfast tea. Because I chose the uber-cheap version, the strips are made out of wax instead of pretty, transparent plastic. The last time I looked like this, I was in Ms. Abbot's fifth grade gym class at an all-girls' school.

Mmmm, wax.

Tall Blonde Searching for New Project

I've scheduled an audition for The Donkey Show, accepted a staged reading of The Elephant Man, and started submitting for more films.

I've received news of a couple studio-backed feature films shooting in Boston before the end of the year, which puts a couple of my game plans to go union back on the table. I replaced my primary photo on the Boston Casting website with a shot from my recent photoshoot with Greg Carapell; I now broadcast "look at me, I'm attractive" instead of "this is what my face looks like". I am crossing my fingers that at least one of the local CDs I know personally will be casting one of the films. Heeeeeere SAG vouchers....

I also got my first check from Nesson Media. Acting is now paying (some of) my bills. Hah!

The seasonal gig doesn't start until the last week of October. It will be a thursday-sunday week, though I have yet to hear how many hours. I think it will have a similar flexibility to my previous position, giving me the wiggle room to say yes to last minute background work if I can get it. Onward and upward...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My film studio is cheating on me!

So about that pilot. I know for sure that its nowhere near finished...I was supposed to have one more day on set.
The production company has started posting ads on craigslist for work staring October 9th on a completely unrelated movie. Somehow I doubt they'll be working on both at once.

This is the same production company that would not answer my calls emails, or texts regarding schedules for two weeks. At long last I received a text (thursday afternoon for a friday shoot) that they wouldn't be shooting that scene this weekend, and they'd "let me know".

From where I sit, it seems that the pilot is being tabled for the foreseeable future. Would a heads-up on such an action cause so much drama as to not be worth it?

Yes I've certainly complained about the disorganization, but I have set a lot of time and effort aside for these people. For now I think I'll avoid the confrontational email. If they call later, they call, and we'll figure it out

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September is mostly gone

Which puts me all the closer to my end of the year deadline!
By the end of the year, I want to have a finished (polished) demo reel, and membership in SAG or AFTRA. I hope that my agency will have its acting submissions figured out by then, and if it does not, I anticipate throwing a lot of money at Actors Access come pilot season in January.

I enjoyed working with the crew at Nesson Media last week. Every last person was a film production professional who had been working on all the feature films coming through Boston. The last one to come through was What's your Number?, and it seems everyone has been waiting for the work to come back.

Game plan to go union:

Option A) requires another feature film to come through. I book work in background, and quickly buy my AFTRA membership. If I can get 4-5 days of work, it will basically pay for itself.
Offshoot of Option A) Actually get those background SAG vouchers. Make friends with the 1st AD on set? Not really sure how to go about that.

Option B) Buy my way into AFTRA, and eat the loss because no work shows up.

Option C) (preferable, but the least likely) book principal work on a SAG or AFTRA project between now and January. I can dream.

I've been stalking my actor friends' demo reels online. I know I need a couple more projects to flesh it out. Right now I want to include High Heel Samurai, Sexually Frank, my PSA from Mission Park if I can get it, (mysterious future project here), and a shot of my Marilyn Monroe wind-skirt moment from the Garment District commercial. I'm fortunate enough to have a friend who edits and produces DVDs professionally, so I know it will be well-presented. Just need to flesh out that content.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its been a long week..

...but a fabulous one!

Tuesday I went back to Charles MGH. I had previously participated in a well-paying psyche study, and to my ( and my checking account's) delight, they called me in for another one. While the paycheck still has three weeks before it will show up, it's good money for one afternoon pressing buttons while getting an MRI.

Thursday I shot a scene for a language video with Nesson Media. Not only was production base camp in the back room of my favorite bar on Moody Street, but the entire team was great. I made friends with my scene partner, my MUA, wardrobe stylist, and Production Manager. Enron postcards and business cards were distributed, and fabulous connections were made. They even finished shooting ahead of schedule, and booked me for two more days of work. Woohoo!

Enron opened last night to a very nice turnout. It feels great to be doing live theater for an audience again. Dear readers: please come! Tickets can be found at BostonTheatreScene.com . If the $30 is too steep, please come to our pay-what-you-can wednesday night shows!

And last night, a casting director emailed me directly about a role. Its fabulous to be remembered. I cannot make the open call time for the film, but I wrote her back hoping we can work something out.

Real world employment update: I don't want to jinx it, but one of my previously mentioned seasonal opportunities has contacted me with a fabulous hourly rate, and is hoarding me away from other recruiters at her company. Updates to follow when the job is confirmed...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gracefully Accepting Defeat

I was fired from my first film today.

The director felt I had too many things going on. I thought I could balance it out...but I've always taken on too much. Ask me sometime about my extracurriculars at Sarah Lawrence. I don't remember if I slept.

I am disappointed. I was excited about the project. I thought I had a better rapport with the director, one that would warrant a phone call over a "Dear John" email, but the point seems to now be moot.

I think its very easy to turn around and call a person who drops you foul names, reassure yourself and others that you were too good for their project anyways, and do your best to write them off. The harder fact is that they have their goals, just like you have theirs, and you weren't helping them enough to continue your relationship.

What's worse is that this week has left me with two burned bridges: this director, and a photographer who would not stop sending harassing emails until I used the phrase "making my attorney father uncomfortable". The latter was inevitable. I am left wondering whether I could have made enough appropriate changes, and not felt I was cutting myself off from other opportunities, to salvage the former.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Sick of Being Poor

I was talking with my dad yesterday, and he made a good point. Talking about being poor while in college can feel informed and relevant, but means absolutely nothing out in the real world. Now I'm actually here, and being poor sucks.

I am starting to realize what a fluke my job with Mosaic was. A part-time job that paid well that I enjoyed now seems completely unattainable. I do somewhat regret not taking their offer for full-time, but the grass is always greener when you're unemployed.

Real world jobs I've applied for in the past couple days: Theater Marketing position at Suffolk, Seasonal Marketing Coordinator for H&R Block, and a supporting marketing position for a biochem marketing firm in Cambridgeport. The last one doesn't pay as well as I'd like, but they advertise a free T pass and flexible hours. I could really use both of those things. I also spoke with my dad about putting hours in at his office again. Now that I have a decent handle on the next month or so of my schedule, it would be nice to have the income.

I've received a few phone calls from promo companies I've worked for in the past, and companies who found my profile off NARMS. They either want me to work on weekends (damn promos), or want to offer me merchandising jobs for 5 (yes five, I am not exaggerating), hours a week. I suppose the good news is that my resume and track record are strong enough to warrant being called in the first place.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My feet hate me less than anticipated

Yesterday I went to Stoneham Theater's open call for 42nd Street. I sang well, and they asked me to stay for the dance call. While the tap was faster than anything I've done in the past, oh god, five years, I didn't completely embarrass myself. My marketability has always been that I dance well enough to be put in the back until I come on later to sing, so I was pleased with how I presented myself.

Two days ago I interviewed with Busy Bee Promotions over the phone. While in-store demos aren't my favorite thing in the world, they focus on mostly Whole Foods. Given that they sample four different products, and that there are 10 Whole Foods(ses?) within a ten mile radius, it could mean a decent amount of work for me.

I also applied to pet-sit for a dog in Concord. I attempted that career path about a year and a half ago, but no one was really going on vacation (and paying expensive pet-sitters) then.

Today I am going wardrobe shopping for Joy and the Apocalypse with my director. That being said, we'll be going to maternity stores. I plan to receive some strange looks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Passive-Agressive Non-response?

So of the two photographers I mentioned last post, one continues to email me. Thus far, he's sent me a (poorly lit) photo of a kid on an electric toy car, two photos of a woman in lingerie and a fur coat in her bathtub, and an e-postcard of photos he took at the Mission Park premiere. While I don't believe he has any ulterior motives, his persistence in emailing me (supposed proof that he is capable of good photos?) is bothersome. I sent him an email a few days ago explaining why the photos from our shoot were unusable. He wanted to do a 1950s pinup shoot with me, and had been linking me to places to buy period-correct undergarments. However, at this point it seems apparent he has no lighting equipment (necessary for pinup...and most other shoots), and our shoot at my place made it more than clear that he isn't quite sure how to utilize natural light.

Lighting and equipment aside, none of the shots given to me flatter, or have any sense of composition. If it were just the lighting, then I could potentially take them to a photoshop-savvy friend...but I am hard pressed to find a photo that merits that effort.

I do feel bad. He seems like a nice enough guy, but the way in which he has latched onto me is disconcerting. I've resolved to send him a clearer message... next time he emails me. Oof.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Keep Making Work

Language video for Nesson Media aside, I am still waiting on any major job leads.

I had a couple photoshoots over the last week. I was incredibly pleased with the results from one, and incredibly disappointed in another. So it goes. However, after getting favorable responses on the more goth-stylized set, I resolved to make myself more marketable in that light. I've submitted a profile and photos for an Alt Modeling website, and I'm hoping they'll accept me. I also have a black and white punk shoot slated for later in the month. I hope to be able to use those shots in both my mainstream and 'alt' portfolios.

I've received several promo gig offers, but all of them conflict with my Enron schedule. I guess I was not destined to be a highly-paid costumed booze wench. I can only hope the offers continue/resume when I am available.

Enron is also prohibiting me from participating in a couple Boston Fashion Week events with P3. However, not being a size 2, I'm not missing out on very many runway opportunities.

Tonight Zeitgeist is kicking off its 2010 season with a party at Stella's in the south end. I'm stoked because its a networking party to which I can wear comfortable shoes. Hooray for networking and beer.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

So the frequency of my posts is dwindling, but I am confident this is a temporary setback. The good news is that I am busy, and am booked solid into November. Being this busy, I have to wait for projects that would fit into my schedule, which accounts for my lack of blogging about auditions.

I also tend not to blog about the day-do-day rehearsal process. I don't think its relevant to the goals of this blog. "I'm sore from being a velociraptor!" "I rehearsed on my co-star's kickass roof garden!" "My director smells!"
Meh. Refraining from blogging on the day-to-day rehearsals (unless something really exciting happens, of course) also keeps me from venting when I have particularly frustrating days on set. Part of my personal code of professionalism includes keeping my complaints to myself, my boyfriend, and my cat. (Edgar, my cat, is a fabulous listener).

I've continued my quest for day jobs. Yesterday someone called me having found my profile on NARMS. Sadly, they wanted me for a weekend position.

I've applied for another job through mosaic. Its 25 hours a week, and temporary from mid October through January. It would be a great fit for me, and I am hoping their recruiters will call me soon.

I continue to look on monster.com, careerbuilder, and craigslist daily. When my schedule slows down I think I might take out books on photoshop and website building from the library. As secondary skills to my editing, I think they could be useful.

Lastly, I've started applying to promo jobs again. As I learn more about SAG and AFTRA rules and itch to work more in the industry, I worry if I want to make a commitment of a year plus to any Boston company. Right now the most appealing option seems to be to stay in Boston for the forseeable future, but attend auditions in NY, and bus out for any work.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Crazy Theater Movement Classes Finally Paid Off

That's right, I play a velociraptor in Enron. It's a lot of fun, but leaves me sore in weird places. Also fabulous: light saber battle. Theater is awesome!

The past week has been mostly full of real-world job applications. I signed up on a couple more staffing websites, applied for an Xbox-related job back at Mosaic, and got a contact at the ART BAR in Cambridge. The most exciting real world job news is (drumroll please), I have an in at Irrational Games, the people responsible for BioShock. They'll be hiring in the near future, and I've been promised that my resume will magically float to the top of whatever I'm qualified for. So that's cool.

I've assembled my schedule with Google Calendar to incorporate Enron, Joy and the Apocalypse, and Boston Ballistic. I am pretty much dead to the world until Halloween rolls around.

Auditions on the horizon: 42nd St with Stoneham Theater, and A Christmas Carol at the Hanover theater. I know I don't dance well enough for the former, but I should get my butt to a dance call. I think I have a good chance at the latter, which would pay and offer equity points. Gotta brush up that RP.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Insult to Injury

Yesterday I received a call from a woman at a staffing agency. She found my resume on one of the staffing sites, and was interested in hooking me up with a CSR position in acton. She was looking to interview today, apparently she had an urgent problem to solve.

It paid several dollars an hour less than what I'm looking for, but I figured I would sign up on their staffing website. I wrote the woman back within the hour to say I didn't think I would be able to take a full time position all the way out in Acton with my current commitments in downtown Boston.

Dear readers: in my resume career objective section, it says I am looking for a part-time position on the top of the page. I am very clear with my goals.

Apparently she was frustrated that I was no longer interested in being the fix to her staffing problem. I received an email lecture back, about how this woman knows some very nice musicians, who, while very good at their "hobby" (ugh!), needed to pay the bills. Apparently I have to "make a choice" between my professional and creative lives.

I'm pretty sure this is verbatim the lecture I received from my high school nurse.

Needless to say, I made my choice quickly and deleted her email.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Get Organized

Paul Russel, (a casting director whose blog I read every week) recommended making an outline of career goals. He admitted that the example he posted may not have been entirely realistic in scope, but still a good exercise, and a good structure to fall back on. Having booked the lead in Joy and the Apocalypse, I am now booked straight through mid-october. I think I have hit my ceiling as far as non-union film goes. So, I wrote up a game plan for the rest of the year that has me on track for my SAG card by 2011.

P3 seems geared up to start submitting for acting work...eventually. I need to pick my branch manager's brain about that at my photoshoot next week. If they don't start submitting me for things, and soon, I will be out shopping around for acting representation.

My business cards have started to pay off. I gave one to one of the photographers at the Mission Park premiere, and he's already contacted me about doing portfolio work.

I've signed up with an entertainment company to be a Victorian Christmas caroler this coming winter. I can accept or decline jobs as I see fit.

Yesterday I applied for a part time marketing job with ZipCar. It would basically be like a long term promo with consistent hours. Today I signed up on SoloGig.com--its aimed at consultants and contract jobs. I applied for a part-time job as a marketing assistant in lexington. The hours are flexible, and its close by.

Today I have an audition for a film called Vietnam Redux. It should prove interesting.

Aaand that's about it for now. Stay tuned, loyal readers!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Morning After

Yesterday was slightly insane.

I put up my hair in pin curls, so it could both sit under wigs all day, and have an instant hair style for the premiere. I was way too proud of pulling that off.

While I was getting in my costume and wig at the Garment District, I got a call from the director of Joy and the Apocalypse, they wanted to cast me in the lead role. I sent them my rehearsal schedule for Enron, as that's my only conflict right now.

The Halloween commercial shoot was a lot of fun. I think I actually want to use some of my Marilyn Monroe footage for gag at the end of my demo reel. After several round of dress-up, the boy picked me up, we booked it to Watertown to change and primp, and back to Harvard Square for the premiere of Mission Park. My hair lasted long enough to get past the photographers; considering the past four days of rain, I'll consider that a victory.

It was good to see the High Heel Samurai/Mission Park core cast, and I got some good schmoozing done. I made friends with a couple photographers, sealed a role in a friend's campy atomic age queer film, and reconnected with some acting acquaintances. The icing on the cake was that my modeling agents came, courtesy of my co-star and agency-mate also in the film. They made a point of saying they liked what they saw, and how glad they were to sign us.

This morning I looked like hell on wheels on the commuter rail home, but I'd say it was worth it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Still Raining...

So Emerson college has a part time position assisting the production manager. I whipped up a version of my resume with the theater tech back on it, and leaned heavily on my experience at North Shore in my cover letter. I'm not sure how it pays, but theater tech is very high up on the list of "things that don't really feel like work". Not driving on my daily commute would also be very nice.

I also signed myself up for another temp database, this one based in Burlington.

No word from Joy and the Apocalypse yet, but they're still within their allotted time.

I read a very strange screenplay this morning. The writer calls it a "Queer Noir". He's looking for the female lead; I asked him for footage from his first feature. Gotta get those production values for the reel. The limited niche audience also has me a bit worried as far as marketability and festivals go.

And lastly, my photoshoot today got postponed; the photographer's camera up and died on him. Still gotta bleach my hair for the Mission Park premiere Wednesday. I should probably get on that.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I'm doing a major overhaul of my real-world resume. Previously, it lacked a career objective and a qualification summary. These changes were recommended by guidelines on a few Boston staffing group websites...and the resume looked at bit sparse anyhow.

Before the week is out, I need to come up with a good, inoffensive 300 word writing sample. Thus far the only writing jobs that have responded to my inquiries are "blogging" positions whose only real purpose is to drive up keyword counts and google traffic. I am beginning to be unsure if my usual strategy of "bullshit my way into the first job and allow my skills to float me" will work in the proofreading/editing vein.

Callbacks for Joy and the Apocalypse went very well yesterday. Not only did they like my read, but they told me the loved my attitude as well. The director said he'd contact me within three days.

I was slated to work with one of my agency's photographers monday evening, but I've learned (via Facebook, of course), that his camera has died. I had been planning on shopping for some wardrobe, but am reluctant to spend any money on a shoot that might not happen.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Return to Boson Theater!

Between now and the time of my last post, I not only was cast in Enron, I've attended the first rehearsal. I'm in the ensemble, which will be heavily involved in the show. Highlights include light saber battles, velociraptors, and a barbershop quartet. Oh! That reminds me. I'll also be music directing. Sure I can arrange a short barbershop number...hopefully...

I landed an interview for the Hershey merchandising job. They wanted to pay me slightly more than the last job I interviewed for, which is to say nowhere near enough. They must have a large phone bank system somewhere out in the midwest. After I ended the interview, and thanked my interviewer for her time, I received a follow-up email that said they would "get back to me". Pretty sure that was an automated message.

I'm starting to get a handle of things back in the law office. Its nice to know I can actually survive there for extended periods of time and not feel like a total idiot.

Last, and certainly not least, I have a general audition for the ART this morning. Crossing my fingers for this one. They're equity, nationally recognized, and generally pretty cool. Time to banish that morning voice...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Someone's got a case of the Tuesdays

Not a lot of good job postings today. Yesterday I applied to be a proofreader in the Alumni Relations department at Harvard University, and for a merchandising job with a company called Crossmark. I doubt Crossmark would pay enough...but no way to know unless they offer me a job.

Last night I auditioned for Enron, the play, for Zeitgeist at the BCA. All actors receive the same stipend. I'm too young for the one female character but there will be an ensemble. I'd be receiving that call/email before tomorrow afternoon.

They had us read from the script opposite other auditionees, and I found myself paired with local Casting Director Kevin Fenessey. We joked about going against type (he looks nothing like the late Kenneth Lay, I couldn't pass for 40 if I tried), and I enjoyed reading with him. Hurrah for unexpected fortuitous networking. I thanked him on facebook this morning for reading with me.

I have general auditions for the ART friday morning, and callbacks for the lead in Joy and the Apocalypse Saturday. Speak Easy isn't seeing non-eqs this week after all, but they said a non-equity call would be announced later. Rehearsal continues for Boston Ballistic on Wednesday, shooting starts this weekend. Saturday I also auditioned for a short film called Wasted Youth. The director knew townie friends and Ithaca friends of mine.

Last but not least, I've gone back to putting in regular hours at my dad's office. I cannot wait until his office moves and is set up. I am not a fan of the cardboard file boxes, but unemployed blondes can't be choosers.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slacking Off

I signed up on another staffing group website--The Creative Group. I'm hoping for a copyediting job. With professional experience editing, I could eventually freelance and dictate my own schedule.

I received a strange call from a man claiming he was casting for a traveling children's show. He sent me to a website that showed an impressive track record, and a presence in Canada, the US, England, Australia, and new Zealand. He said the show paid $500/week, and gave me a rough sketch of what cities it would tour between now and November.

Here are the weird parts:

In the series of usual point-blank questions (have you ever been convicted of a felony? etc) he asked if I had at least one working credit card.

He asked if I had couches to crash on in the cities he mentioned. Sure, I do have a few couches in Philly and DC, but certainly not for three weeks at a time. A touring production with no housing budget?

He said he would audition me over the phone, to make sure I could enunciate well. He said to expect a sample dialogue in my email. I checked it that afternoon, and found a paragraph from a gossip website detailing Lindsay Lohan's trip to jail. Not quite the material I expected for children's theater.

My best guess is that he's ripped off this company's show and is trying to perform it at a discount. I gave him an excuse; I told him a film I had signed on for would still be shooting during the tour dates he gave me.
I'm contemplating sending an email to the general info address listed on the theater company's website. It all sounds a bit fishy to me...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Talk about less shiny

I drove to Leominster for my interview, only to find out the position pays $10/hour. Apparently the recruiter (with whom I spoke twice) was supposed to let me know.

Looks like I"ll be working at my dad's office a while longer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yesterday apparently had too many victories to post.

Last night I received an email from Pertinent Pictures saying I have been cast in their pilot Boston Ballistics, email with details to follow later in the week. They want to rehearse this weekend, so trip to NY has been postponed. However, among the reasons to postpone a trip, booking a pilot would seem to be among the best.

I also received an email from the director of a feature film I auditioned for last saturday; they want me to come to callbacks for the lead role . Kickass.

Oh, and a Mosaic recruiter called me today. The job on the table isn't quite as shiny as the last one I had, but at this point I'll take what I can get.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two More Bragging Points

So apparently a few of the websites I belong to and check have formed a partnership. Long story short is that via my memberships on NewEnglandActor and Actor's Access, and thanks to Model Club Inc, I can now be submitted for principal roles in NYC. If I want to be a part of anything low, or ultra low budget, I have to give them a heads up. But yeah. Principal submissions in New York City here I come!

I got to meet up with a talented playwright and composer I had briefly interacted with a couple months ago. We talked trends, local institutions, scummy coworkers, and caught up in general. She wants me to record one of her original songs at her studio, and one of my own choosing. I, needless to say, am thrilled. I am in desperate need of singing demos, and will be even more so once my website goes up.

Two major victories for the day. Don't worry, I've already cracked open a celebratory beer.

A hit, A very palpable hit!

I received two phone calls yesterday from different people at the Professional Staffing Group. One was a more general call, screening me for the "office support" department, but I also received a follow-up to my application for a proofreading job. The particular job has been put on hold, but the Creative department is also keeping my info on file. Yay for jobs I actually want liking me back!

Today I am meeting with a playwright/composer I read for a couple months back. Just a creative lunch date, but its always good to have people who want to collaborate.

Wednesday is a networking party for my modeling agency, P3. I am armed with studded leggings, and new business cards. It should prove a productive night.

Aaand this weekend I am going on a much-needed trip to New York. My business cards will make the trip, and I'll probably stop by the Colony, but its a social trip, made possible by the sudden unexpected open-ness in my schedule.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is a little professionalism too much to ask for?

No, I will not destroy personal wardrobe items for your film. Yes, I actually require the dates you plan to shoot. Yes, all of them. I am a working performer; I have a modeling agency to keep happy, and equity auditions to attend.

I am a somewhat frustrated human being. This may be the end of my auditioning for student film.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Follow up. It's important.

The student film postponed again. I sent them an email laden with only minimal guilt about my recent job loss, and mentioned that I cannot shoot saturday; two paid auditions beats a small role in a student film every time. Supposedly we are shooting Monday now. If we don't, I'm going to bail.

Today I submitted for auditions for A Christmas Carol at The Hanover Theater in Lowell (yay Equity points!), and Enron at Zeitgeist Stage. They liked me last year for Christmas Carol, but my dialect was less than stellar. With my much-since-improved RP, maybe I'll have a better shot at it this year.

I received a follow-up on my follow-up; my contact at the marketing company sent me an email saying she enjoyed my scene clip.

I've had very little luck with any of the career websites. This morning I received a recruitment email from Aflac that didn't try very hard to appear not to be a form letter.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Work work work, all day long...

Things accomplished in the past day and a half:
*Follow up email sent to Pertinent Pictures.
*Scheduled an audition for the ART 2010-2011 Season
*Received an email from my former supervisor, he is talking to Mosaic Recruitment about 3 potential positions for me.
*Submitted myself for a fistful of infomercials and paid short films
*Set up a date with a playwright/composer whose readings I have participated in.
*Received fabulous edited footage from a recent film. Having footage more recent than High Heel Samurai is going to be awesome.
*Set up a profile on PSG Staffing
*Resolved to apply for the MFA Acting program at Brandeis.

Brandeis accepts a class of ten every three years. The next round of auditions is for fall 2011. Even though they don't require it for the acting MFA, I'm going to get a GRE study book and sign up for a test. I test well, and it will be good to have it out of the way.

The student film I was upset about is supposedly slated to shoot tomorrow. They say I should receive a call "at the end of the evening" to confirm. One must wonder...when does the evening end? Will I be up? My worry is that I'll be checking my voicemail at 7am tomorrow morning only to find out they've postponed again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Search Continues...

I put my resume and profile up on CareerBuilder. The only bite I've received thus far is from the same Insurance mass email that found me on Monster.

I had been excited about a performing contact-- my eye doctor's son works for an agency in Queens. He seemed enthusiastic enough, so I forwarded him my resume. I got a form letter back about how they are not looking for talent at this time.

I sent an email to my former supervisor about the other gaming position at Mosaic. Fingers crossed he will have some info, and possibly get me in touch or recommend me to whoever is running that project.

I have two auditions for feature films lined up on Saturday, and the P3 networking party next Wednesday. I have two TFP photography gigs lined up, one for a local fashion line, and one just going for a "gritty, punk" look. I think the latter will really help my modeling port.

And, it seems like I get to keep my Xbox and Zune.

Grrr, Aaarg....

Second goal accomplished: I updated my promo resume. Such a hap-hazard little industry, there's no standard resume format. I also applied to be a Barbie impersonator in a couple weeks, but I haven't heard back from them.

I thought I had a job lead with a copyediting company based in Waltham. They responded to my cover letter and resume very quickly, and sent me a screener. I guess I didn't do well enough on the screener, because I haven't heard from them in two days. Damn. Perhaps its time to revisit Strunk & White.

Also, a small bit of frustration on the student film side.

I signed onto a project a couple months ago. I read for a lead character, who isn't quite my type, and was cast as smaller character who is far more 'me'. The director sent out several versions of the schedule, doing his best to accommodate everyone's plans and needs. This is all well and good.

A couple weeks ago I got an email asking if I would mind playing the lead character I auditioned for. I said I'm happy to, please keep me in the loop. And then all communication stopped.

I sent emails to the director, AD, and director again asking what role I was playing, as I'm a busy girl, and have auditions I need to get to.

I started getting daily call sheets from the AD...and still no response to my questions. Due to construction, actors dropping out, and whatever drama else, the entire schedule was pushed back by almost a week, rendering all schedule checking moot.

Finally got a response from the director, who said had I been playing the lead role, he would have still wanted me for the character role, but they got the lead actress back....can I rehearse this week? I said yes, and asked please sir, when are we slated to shoot?

And I haven't heard back.

While I understand that it's a student film, and we are all in the learning process, I am frustrated. Being disorganized is one thing, and this being the first film to shoot at the Paramount soundstage on Emerson campus, there are bound to be a few wrinkles here and there. However, what bothers me is the unresponsiveness of the director and crew. If I hadn't recently become unemployed, I would be in no situation to wait around on an email this morning to see if they want me to rehearse today. At this point I have no idea when I'm wanted on set.

Complaining to anyone involved with accomplish nothing other than labeling myself as a diva. So I guess I'll fester over here, and hope for a union card in my future.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Theater is 90% Rejection

The Stiletto Singers said that while I made the decision difficult, they don't have a role to offer me right now. They'd like to have me available as an "on call singer". Harrumph.

I went to an audition for a pilot called Boston Ballistics on Saturday. The director and his partners have a sound stage down in Taunton; a second round of auditions was held there sunday. They were well organized, to the point, and seemed like really great guys. The one role my type was a down on her luck girl from Southie. I felt good about my reading, but "damaged" and "strung out" aren't exactly the first things I read as.

As I was walking out to my car the director ran out and stopped me. Knowing me, I assumed I had left my phone in the audition room. It turned out he's starting another tv show, kind of a traveling talent show out of a van, where passers by have two minutes to do "their thing" for the camera, and he wanted me to host it! No details on when it will start, or compensation, but it's a connection I'm glad to have made.

Today I have two auditions: One for a corporate spokesperson, and another for murder mystery dinner theater in Lexington. The former would be a steady, paying gig, and the latter would pay per performance.

Also, I first goal achieved of the week: business cards were ordered yesterday morning, and they are slated to arrive two days before my agency party. On to the next!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Inevitable Has Occurred!

Only in that I've started researching MFA acting programs.
My dad is against an MFA, thinking I've already spent my "conservatory time" in the Ithaca BFA program. What credit he gives it is from Paul Russel's book, saying it communicates an investment on the part of the student (where a BFA is almost always paid for by the parents). My mom things there is a degree between the specialized BFA and the (would be mostly redundant) MA in Theater, that communicates experience and smarts. I have yet to discover such a program. She and my dad think I should get a Master's degree in Shakespeare, because I "get it" and am capable of teaching "it." Paul Russel thinks school is a very expensive guaranteed timeslot in front of agents at your senior showcase.

However, given the economy, people are attempting to go back to school in droves. This makes acceptance into a master's program more difficult, and financial aid all the more scarce. I don't have money for a car with air conditioning, let alone grad school. The good news is that I have no student loans from undergrad. So grad school would put me in the same financial rut in which most of my peers already find themselves. It would still mean I am relying on the fickle tastes of Hollywood (because what theater ever pays enough?) to pay off student loans should I make that investment/bet. This past summer season of movies alone is enough reason to question Hollywood's judgment and reliability.

I guess my point is that if I do my research now, and come across an appealing program, I would be given the opportunity to apply and audition in time for the spring. It seems getting a Masters in something I can study while sitting down has less of a time limit on it. The running gag has always been "the real world is scary, I want to go back to school!", and I can't say that isn't a factor here. I very much doubt that a enrollment in a full time MFA program would even allow for a part time job, which makes logistics of living difficult.

If what I think about an MFA is right, I exit with far improved skills, and a three letter acronym that gets me past most casting director intern screenings. If Paul Russel is right, I get ten minutes in front of a handful of agents in two years. Both of these would be good things.

Its something to think about. This week seems to be chock-full of auditions, and even today I had a director chase me out into the parking lot after my audition to offer me a gig. Maybe I'll be too busy being a full time starlet to attend grad school by the time it rolls around. That would be fine too.

Job ending in 3...2...1...

Today is my last day on the job. I'm going to be very sad to send my Xbox back. There's a chance they won't ask for it, as it's now an oudated model...fingers crossed.

I've set up an audition for a gigging rock cover band. Nothing huge, but it would be fun to be consistently singing again.

Goals for next week:
1) Get a profile up on Actors Access. NEActor currently has a deal with Models Club to submit for principal roles in NYC. However, I need to be on Actors Access. Some quality time with a fax machine and that should be no problem.

2) Revamp promo resume. As much as I hate that industry, its good to have a two or three day gig when one needs it.

3) Set up a photoshoot for the kickass swimsuit I got on clearance at Marshalls. I need a good full-body shot, and this suit makes me look and feel like Charlize Theron if she were a Bond girl.

4) Design and order business cards.

And I can put in hours at my dad's office.

Solid plan.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I'm streamlining my resume to look more office-friendly. Sorry, SLC costume shop and NSMT PA experience, you don't speak to my organizational skills nor my ability to bend a fax machine to my will. My work resume has also been the ugly stepsister to my acting resume for far too long. So, this morning I'm tweaking the formatting, and stressing my office experience and skills.

I'm always hesitant about putting my experience at my dad's office on my resume. I hope that five years in one office will relate reliability instead of nepotism. We'll see.

As of yesterday afternoon I have auditions for four paying film gigs this week--One spokesperson and three feature films. I'm still waiting to hear from The Stiletto Singers. Shooting for an Emerson student film the 8th and 9th. Speakeasy announced their musical season. There's no word on what they're asking for at the audition. I'm hard pressed to find a song that would be good for both NINE and The Drowsy Chaperone. Hopefully they'll give me two.

I also find it highly ironic that I lose my job the same month that I have my first red-carpet premiere. Kind of takes away my excuse to go buy one of those prom dresses on clearance. Ah well.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

And the Novelty Factor Decreases

At this point, it would seem I'm not getting any bites on any of the direct applications I sent out last week. Also, I haven't heard from either of the Equity plays previously courting me. Damn.

My callback for the Stiletto Singers went very well. They seem like a good group with a solid business plan. Fingers crossed for that.

I've landed a screen test to be a corporate spokesmodel. While I doubt it would pay all the bills, it would be consistent paying work.

As far as open auditions go, there's a murder mystery show opening in Lexington, and a production of Doubt--but its all the way in Marlborough. The stipend would be eaten by gas, and probably then some.

Let's take this opportunity to examine Maya's Rules of Paid and Unpaid Performance Work:
1) No unpaid theater, unless Equity points are involved.

2) No unpaid film, unless I am 99% sure it will be usable demo reel material.

3) "Deferred Pay" can see above rules. When I meet anyone with a check in hand from deferred film pay, I will reconsider my options.

Oh, Maya, you say. Aren't you cutting yourself of from roles? What about student films? You never know who will be successful!

You're right. I don't. I already have several student films on my resume, and am slated to be in at least one more next week. However, as students are learning their craft, elements of presentation can suffer. An excellent script does me little good if the lighting is distractingly bad, and I am only shown from awkward, unflattering angles. If I can't use it on a demo reel, at this point its not a good investment of my time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My last monday as an Xbox Girl.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

I've set up an employment profile on both the Nintendo and Playstation websites. Neither of them are currently looking for a rep in MA, but at least I'm in the system should anything come up. This afternoon I plan to actually set up my profile on Monster.com, though I have yet to personally meet anyone who's gotten a job of that site.

In other news, I'm still waiting on any bites from the applications from Friday and Saturday.
I tend to forget that the rest of the world operates on the weekday/weekend system, and found myself increasingly frustrated that so few new jobs and gigs were posted on craigslist. Really should work on developing that patience thing.

I need to get business cards in order in time for my modeling agency's networking party on the 11th. I should get on that...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daily Updates? That seems way too consistent for me.

Turns out the group shoot I had been planning on attending today is pay-only. Given my current employment situation, we are now in funds lockdown, and will not be paying for photographers. So much for that.

I applied online to be an Assistant Manager at three different GameStop locations. Management experience would probably be good for me in the long run, and I can't exactly turn down a job until it is offered me.

I also applied to a mysterious merchandising job through Mosaic. It seems video-games-oriented, but refers to a brand/store/something I hadn't heard of. Google was of little use in finding out any particulars. Perhaps one of the big-box stores is revamping their approach to games? Anywho, it's listed as a "future opportunity", so we shall see.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Well, I've been 'consolidated' for two days now...

And I'm realizing how impatient I am.
Next week I've booked a non-union video shoot for an iPhone app, I have callbacks for a women's singing group, and an audition for a non-union feature film. Can't complain there.

As far as 'real' employment is concerned, I've put my profile up again on NARMS (National Association for Retail Marketing Services), and updated my resume on the Mosaic (company I'll be working for until August 1st). I've applied for a week of promo work sampling cereal in Mid-August, but I've found little else mentioned in the categories I listed yesterday.

Category 6: Retail.
I'm very bad with sales. I think consumerism is, on the whole, bad for us. So, I feel guilty trying to send people home with things like all-in-one-hot-beverage-brewers. Like they really need those things.

Having previously ignored the option, the thought occurred to me that I could probably land a job as an ASM at a GameStop, seeing as almost every last Gamestop Manager in the Boston area knows and likes me. There's also the option of applying to work at the Garment District (where I already model) from now until Halloween. I'm already an employee, and I have extensive experience in costuming and stage makeup. The latter job probably wouldn't pay well, and would result in the added expense of taking the commuter rail, in lieu of paying for parking in Cambridge. The former, as my dad put it yesterday, "will kill [my] soul".

So there's option Six. Back to the daily grind...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Blog, you say?

As some of you may have heard, I've recently lost my day job to re-mapping and consolidation of territories. This leaves me with some free time on my hands, so I've started a blog. In said blog, I'll be detailing the drama, tribulations and excitement in my quests for a new job, as well as the ongoing search for performance work.

So. Out of a day job, what's a non-union blonde to do? Let's weigh some options.

1) Search for a new job in retail merchandising. Pros: Flexible schedule, and reasonable money. Cons: Lots of time in an aging car, usually fewer hours than promised. Also to consider: previous merchandising job was acquired by a series of flukes.

2) Get back into promotions work. Pros: I can take work as I see fit, and design my own schedule. Cons: Flaky bosses and co-workers, lots of drama, no guarantee of work past the summer.

3) Pursue Bartending again. Pros: Good money to be made. Cons: Nocturnal schedule that will be in the way of any theater work to be had, and having next to no experience.
(For those of you following along at home, I actually had a nightmare about working at the Blue Shamrock last night. No joke.)

4)Search for work writing and/or editing. Pros: Potential to freelance, work from home. Cons: No professional experience, and most writing samples were lost in the great hard drive death of Oh-Nine.

5) Step it up, and make acting and modeling pay the bills. Pros: MA tax incentive, construction of soundstage on the South shore (no, not that one, a much smaller, but real soundstage.) Cons: Next to impossible. Need that damn SAG card and a better portfolio.

Conclusion: Pursue all of the above until leads arise. Or until I pass out from exhaustion.