Saturday, May 7, 2011

Poor Unfortunate Blog

For a while I stopped blogging because I felt I had nothing new to report. Then I was in Ohio. Then I was busy shooting a movie. Excuses, excuses.

The Brick by Brick reading went very well. I have received an email from Nehemiah that wheels are turning, so I am crossing my fingers in hopes of continued involvement with the show.

I just wrapped A Remarkable Apparatus, and I am very pleased with the rough cut (already out! I know!). I had the incredible good fortune to shoot a scene with Mrs. Annette Bening. I'm very happy to have been a part of the project, and I'm in talks with the director as to where the film will go from here.

I am in the beginnings of an adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is the brainchild of my friend, Miss Olivia Lilley. She is staging it as a vaudeville. I begin research this week on burlesque, and period costumes (two of my favorite things), and am very excited to have something to work on for the summer.

Boston Casting continues to email me regarding non-union background work. If I can land a couple of consecutive days that don't interfere with my work schedule, I will probably make the trip for the paycheck.