Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby, won't you please come back?

Last night I got a text from a student filmmaker. He is re-creating a scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and I had read for Willie. He sent me a 'we went in a different direction' email pretty quickly after I read. Not the end of the world.

My text from last night read:"the part has opened up, and he'd LOVE to offer it to me if I'm still available" at such-and-such a time.

In that same vein, Boston Ballistic has been sending me emails about reporting to set for unpaid extra work. Yeeup. Totally gonna consider that.

I wonder if enjoying these situations when they arise means I am another bitter actor. As far as Willie is concerned, I am genuinely unavailable, I am not turning down this work out of spite. (Previous times this has happened I have turned down work because of other evident issues with the project). I am, however, bemused each time it happens.

In other news!
I was very pleased with my homemade video for the Nightwing webseries. I did get the quickest turnaround on a rejection I've had in quite some time after sending it, however. They say they're interested in me for other roles, and the DP is interested in shooting regular ol' photos with me. So, not a total loss.

Pirates is going well. I love singing light opera. I'm so glad I accepted this gig.

The Sci-Fi Noir pilot wrote me back, and is 'going another direction'.

Now that I'm back in MA I have the time and resources to work on my secondary skills. I have a new audition song I'm very excited about, and have been kicking my butt with Hanlon's piano exercises. Back to Chopin next week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I have rehearsal tonight!

I am currently on the bus from New York to boston. With the help of tea and power-naps, tonight I will be ready for my first rehearsal for Pirates of Penzance. Yay!

(The period/greater than key finally fell off my laptop. That's gonna want some Macguyver-ing when I get home.)

Let's recap:

I was called in for a Chicago run of Hairspray last monday.I was very pleased with how I sang (belt mix on a high F? No problem) and read. The director seemed to like my adjustment, and the pianist said I did a good job. I haven't been called back, but it was a good audition.

I started shooting an NYU student film called 'Electric Sugar'. We had some casting setbacks, and will resume shooting in early spring.

I was called in for a Sci-Fi/Noir indie pilot. They liked my monologue, and said they'd be calling me in with specific sides in the near future.

I have an audition for a webseries based on Nightwing, but until I receive my complete Pirates schedule, I don't know if I can attend. I shot them an email, and they're okay with a video audition. They also want to see how I'll look in the costume--but I can come up with photos of me in fishnets, a leotard, and leather jacket no problem.

Monday was agent night with Paul Russell. I was pleased with how I did--the biggest criticism I received is that my song choice wasn't vocally challenging enough for my (suspected) abilities, and that I played it a bit safe. I need to send thank you cards to both Paul and the agents.
Paul gave my class a shout-out on facebook, saying we were among the most talented and put together he's seen. And no, he did no such thing the last time I took the class.

All in all, it was a very good couple of weeks. I sent all of my agent mailer stationery back to MA, so I can continue to assemble submissions while out of NYC. Auditions slow down in December, so that should provide a nice lull to see if I can get seen.