Friday, January 28, 2011

First Date Jitters

My skype date with my prospective roommates went well last night. They definitely seemed 'my crowd', and I enjoyed talking to them. A couple more people are coming to see their place, but I should hear by sunday.

As a failsafe, I sent out emails for six more sublets this morning.

I've had to back out of the Fetish Fashion Show in Providence; I had two designers who wanted me to walk for them this year. Damn apartment drama.

On the up-side, Gloucester Stage Company scheduled me an audition for Most Happy Fella. I could conceivably stay at home over the summer and earn me some EMC points if all goes well. Having done the show before, I think my chances are good.

I continue to submit for work on Actors Access with very little success. I'm hoping that it is the result of two things that are under various amounts of my control: 1) lack of a demo reel 2) no professional work in NY.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where did the time go?

I have a skype date with my 3 prospective roomies tonight. The apartment is in Bushwick, about $700/month with utilities, near two train stops, and lasts for four months.

I landed an audition for the Manhattan Dolls! They're a company based in (you guessed it) Manhattan, that sends out trios of girls who sing Andrews sisters songs and the like at events. My resume passed their initial screener, and they asked me for a singing demo. Crap! I thought, as I don't have one of those. I managed to find the DVD of the 2009 Opera Class showcase at Sarah Lawrence, ripped my song with Audacity, and sent it off. They liked it, and I have an audition booked the afternoon of the 2nd.

If all else goes as planned, I will also be auditioning for The Gloucester Stage Company's production of The Most Happy Fella Feb 5th, and the North Shore Music Theater season some time in mid-march. I've also put an open background call for Boardwalk Empire on my calendar, though they may type me out because of my platinum hair.

With my pushed-forward move date, I'm now anxious for my 8x10 paper to arrive. Damn you, media mail.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Turn in Events

Yesterday I got a call about a sublet in Bushwick. Its for four months instead of three, but the rent is under$700, there's no fee, and the roomates sound nice (two of them are post-production audio guys). Kickass.

Yesterday I also sat down and watched the rough cut of Sexually Frank. I can easily say it's the project I'm proudest of having worked on.

This morning, after battling the Alphagraphics and Kinkos websites, I broke down and ordered 8x10 paper from I trimmed the resume paper off sixty headshots for StageSource Auditions last year--never again.

Diner switched my audition date without telling me. I emailed back about it...but I won't be overly upset if it loses out of the NY move schedule madness.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Motivation through Guilt from Frankie

Since my last post, I've emailed ten people on craigslist, and reached out to many friends in New York regarding my apartment search. Law of Averages dictates I have to land something eventually, right?

I have an unrelated funny story. The film that had cast me as a minor character, constantly changed the schedule, and asked me to destroy my own goth wardrobe (that stuff is expensive!), came crawling back. The producer I dealt with is no longer on the project, and the director went back to the audition tapes and wants me for a lead. It would shoot in Boston in February, and I'm not sure I want to commute for a student film. Amusing though.

I have an audition for a film called Diner on Wednesday. Its a paying feature length indie, and the sides I've seen look promising. Hit-men, telepaths, and shapeshifters. Neato.

I've also lined up headshots with a photographer friend in the city. We would take care of those after I get an apartment and a haircut. These split ends are killing me.

Friday, January 21, 2011


So my apartment fell through.

Since I established contact with the landlady about a month ago, I had been under the impression that because I called her first, I was first in line for the apartment. In our correspondence since, she has repeatedly mentioned the importance of my having called her first.

I had booked a bus trip on tuesday, returning wednesday. Tuesday the bus schedule was canceled due to snow; I traveled to New York City and back wednesday, to come meet this woman. I met with her, the apartment was gorgeous, and our conversation went well. (The conversation we had in the house was the first mention I got of not necessarily being first in line). Later, I received a call from my boss that the landlady had indeed called her as a reference, and that my boss had given her a glowing review.

I got an email yesterday saying she felt bad, because I came out all the way from Boston, but she offered the apartment to someone else.

So I feel misled, and am now out one living space. Anybody need subletter for february and march?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes, Yes, I've been bad about three time a week

Today took a few hits.

The lead I had been pursuing on a reasonably paying NY day job fizzled.

The lead I had on VO work with Turbine fizzled. Apparently all their work is handled by WB now, I'd need to already be a part of the corporate machine.

Per request of the owner, I'm bumping up my trip to NY to next week. She wants to make sure I like the apartment. Having a brooklyn brownstone to myself for $800/month (heat included!) is already a miracle, unless it's over a smokehouse I cannot forsee myself turning it down.

Today was the slowest day of Kinect work. Ever. Seriously. I blame the 15 foot snow mountains in the parking lot for scaring away customers

I'm also stressing out over the long term goal of moving the rest of my life to New York. Finding an apartment that will fit myself, my boyfriend, my cat, and all our stuff is one thing. Finding day jobs is another. So, to distract from that let's focus on...

Things achieved recently:
I've compiled a Master Resume. It includes every bit of acting work I've done since the beginning of college.

PDF resumes! One for Musical Theater, one for Film. Straight theater soon to follow.

Master resume, PDF resumes, and most recent photos sent to my fabulous web-designer, whom I owe tons of indian food.

And Edgar, my wondrous cat, has learned to share his toys. (Yes really. He tried giving his pipe cleaner to Nellie)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Free!

Or nearly free. I wrote an email requesting to be released from my contract with P3. Credit where credit is due- I did get two usable photoshoots out of them. However, they never got accredited, and sent me to a grand total of 0 casting calls. Time to go to New York and find me a real agent.

Shooting yesterday for my spokesperson gig was...interesting. We shot 20+ different videos, only to find all of them were slightly out of focus. Really stupid rookie mistake. However, I still believe in the potential for exposure, so I haven't completely written them off. Hopefully they will learn come camera skills.

I scheduled an audition for Historical Perspectives this evening, but I think I am going to call to cancel. I don't want to commit to staying in boston for the next full school year.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pilot season!

Yes, yes, I'm missing most of it, I know. On the bright side, I've registered for Paul Russel's Access to Agents class for the month of February. I'll be schmoozing with agents during the tail end of pilot season. I figured it would be a good way to get my foot in the door.

I've been asked to model for the New Designers Fetish Fashion Show again this February. Woohoo!

Tomorrow I drive to Pembroke for my first day of website spokesperson-ing. Hooray for proof that I rock a teleprompter.

I received a phone call today from a man who makes a campy-horror tv show for NJ local access channel. He loves my video clip and wants to use me later. One step closer to TV stardom...