Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I frequently think of getting acting to pay me reasonable money is like takeoff velocity. I train, I go faster. I get in better shape, I go faster. My films play festivals, I go faster.

I've hit a stall.

Earlier this year I quit my restaurant job for a few reasons; now all my sources of income are flexible--I can pick and choose every day I work.

I am at the point where the amount of unpaid good film and theater work I am offered exceeds the amount of free time I have. I need to pay my bills.

I'm non-union. At this point in my life I am not very interested in booking a National Tour, I like my life and my boyfriend at my cat. It also means that no film is required to give me any money.

I'm a little disheartened at the gatekeeper situation when it comes to finding representation. A famous casting director compared the pay-to-play classes to speed dating.  It's flawed and expensive. And here I am, producing good work, much of it under the Creative Commons license. I have fanbases that know my name! I also have some cobwebs in my bank account.

What's the next step? What do I do? I need to make more money so I can take more class so I can act more and earn no money and get good exposure...