Monday, October 25, 2010

A Curious Email

There's an email I keep getting from Boston Casting.
It's not the usual "Your account is non-active!" email, referring to the fact that I will not shell out $200/year for more pictures and video on their website.

I received an email that lists the number of projects they've submitted me for in past couple days, and then they ask me to please, start using their pay service.

If they're already submitting me for projects, why would I shell out the money? (The last time I received this email I got called in for the Shaq commercial the next day.)

I don't know either.

In other news, I subscribed to ShowFax. I've started submitting myself for roles in New York. Most of them list when they'll shoot, so I can stick to day roles I'd be able to commit to.

I had an audition for a SAG student thesis film at Harvard yesterday. I fit the type well, and was pleased with my audition. I should hear in the next couple days. Heeeere voucher voucher voucher...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Hell of a Town

The inevitable has happened-- I've started considering relocating to New York. I find myself continuing to wait for work that local casting directors and "industry professionals" promise will find a big fat nothing.

I am a little sad that I've locked up my weekends for the foreseeable future. It has put a real dent in my ability to take on student films, which leaves me with an incomplete reel. I need to start seeing what older footage I can get my hands on from High Heel Samurai and student films.

On the to-do list for today: renew my StageSource membership, and sign up for ShowFax on Actors Access. I don't know how much work I can realistically submit myself for with my limited availability, but I think its worth a shot.

On the list for the near future: get a new headshot. One with my hair down, looking prettier than I do in the old headshot.

Game plan now that weekends are unavailable: earn as much money as humanly possible this Christmas season to prepare for probable moving expenses.

My current commitments have me in Boston through the end of January. I guess we'll see if work magically shows up between now and then.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Catch-up Time

The past week or so I have been knocked flat by a sinus infection. I have been relying on my parents and boyfriend for rides, and lacking the energy to do much other than get through Enron every night.


Wednesday I auditioned for The Donkey Show at the ART. While I wasn't in my best voice, I felt good about the dancing and improv. I also got through an hourlong dance call not really able to breathe through my nose. Not too shabby.

Yesterday I got called in last minute by Boston Casting for a commercial that will star brand new Celtics team member Shaq. The casting director laughed, and said I did a 'good job.' So I got that going for me. That's shooting I'd have to hear soon.

I've signed up for an audition with a touring educational Shakespeare company, and have started vetting student film projects to finish out my reel. One about snuff films looks pretty interesting...

Friday, October 8, 2010

We Have A Winner

I am pleased to announce that I've accepted the seasonal position with Mosaic. I will be a Kinect Brand Ambassador through the end of January. October 25th they are flying me out to Microsoft Corporate for training.

My schedule will be thursday through sunday. While this will cut down on the number of student films I can participate in, it will still leave monday through wednesday available for whatever I see fit. Its also about damn time that I started making money again.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Update

I got a call from the head of the Kinect project--

Because of my experience, I get to bypass the group interview. I have an individual interview tomorrow morning, because they want to "move forward" with me.

I rock. Yay jobs I like! Yay money!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm having flashbacks to fifth grade gym...

I've started a teeth-whitening kit. Hollywood prefers 3 shades lighter than natural, and I drink too much coffee and Irish Breakfast tea. Because I chose the uber-cheap version, the strips are made out of wax instead of pretty, transparent plastic. The last time I looked like this, I was in Ms. Abbot's fifth grade gym class at an all-girls' school.

Mmmm, wax.

Tall Blonde Searching for New Project

I've scheduled an audition for The Donkey Show, accepted a staged reading of The Elephant Man, and started submitting for more films.

I've received news of a couple studio-backed feature films shooting in Boston before the end of the year, which puts a couple of my game plans to go union back on the table. I replaced my primary photo on the Boston Casting website with a shot from my recent photoshoot with Greg Carapell; I now broadcast "look at me, I'm attractive" instead of "this is what my face looks like". I am crossing my fingers that at least one of the local CDs I know personally will be casting one of the films. Heeeeeere SAG vouchers....

I also got my first check from Nesson Media. Acting is now paying (some of) my bills. Hah!

The seasonal gig doesn't start until the last week of October. It will be a thursday-sunday week, though I have yet to hear how many hours. I think it will have a similar flexibility to my previous position, giving me the wiggle room to say yes to last minute background work if I can get it. Onward and upward...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My film studio is cheating on me!

So about that pilot. I know for sure that its nowhere near finished...I was supposed to have one more day on set.
The production company has started posting ads on craigslist for work staring October 9th on a completely unrelated movie. Somehow I doubt they'll be working on both at once.

This is the same production company that would not answer my calls emails, or texts regarding schedules for two weeks. At long last I received a text (thursday afternoon for a friday shoot) that they wouldn't be shooting that scene this weekend, and they'd "let me know".

From where I sit, it seems that the pilot is being tabled for the foreseeable future. Would a heads-up on such an action cause so much drama as to not be worth it?

Yes I've certainly complained about the disorganization, but I have set a lot of time and effort aside for these people. For now I think I'll avoid the confrontational email. If they call later, they call, and we'll figure it out