Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In which Maya Calls about a Sublet

I may have found the perfect sublet. It's in brooklyn, $800/month, and comes with two cats. Its near the A,C train, so I can get to Manhattan easily enough. I called the subletter, and we're going to email back and forth. Woohoo.

The rough cut of Sexually Frank is making the rounds on Emerson campus to very positive reviews. I've been talking to Frankie about the film festival circuit, how submissions work, and what his feasible goals are. Yay for learning a tidbit about my industry. I've also told him I'm happy to go anywhere the film screens for interviews and PR purposes.

I've been cast, based on my photos and video clip, in an indie pilot called BeWare. The director has an internship and contacts lined up in LA in the summer, and plans to pitch it then. However, he's not looking to shoot until the spring. I'm happy to have anyone worthwhile in LA see my face...so the project will go on the back burner, providing I don't go union before it shoots.

I'm hoping to see a few emails responded to over the next few days as people recover from Christmas and the blizzard. I keep submitting for local film projects: anything that's not yet on my demo reel character wise where the people making it sound mostly competent gets an email.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We are sick, we are sick, we are sick-sick-sick

It seems I've gotten another sinus infection. Brilliant.

My Excedrin spec commercial has already been posted on facebook! Hooray for a quick turnaround.

The agency in PA wrote me back. Apparently they only want to interview me after I kick my whole 'job' thing. Soon as I know when I'm done with MSFT they'll be getting an email from me.

The SLC student film with the *unnamed celebrity* is still on, and looking to shoot in February. Awesome.

No word from Fairhaven, the Boston Casting movie. I suppose its still possible that they want to use me, but I'm not waiting by the phone.

After consulting with two other actresses on the Excedrin commercial, I broke down and signed up for AgencyPro. Apparently Boston Casting gets in big trouble with SAG if they acknowledge the service results in getting called in more frequently. Hmm.

Lastly, I'm back to submitting for local film in an effort to get enough featured work for the demo reel. My clip from 'Sexually Frank' has been getting me positive reviews, so let's hope that stays a trend.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Actual Big News!

I have all the kinect branded swag you could ever ask for. Mmm, grapey chapstick.

My audition went very well on thursday. I got stared down by another blonde in the hallway (we weren't even reading for the same role, but I guess haters must hate), but also ran into an Enron colleague of mine. My make-up read well on the monitor, and I got smiles, slow nods, and a chorus of "oh, good"s after I read.

The Excedrin spec commercial went well. They expect a finished product in the next couple weeks. I'll be able to put my dinosaur skills on my reel!

And now, the *big news*. An agency I submitted for on Actors Access wants to interview me for theatrical and commercial/print representation! I could feasibly have an agent before I move to New York!

They asked about my availability on a saturday, and I told them about my microsoft schedule. Hopefully we can work something out.

Off to go distribute purple toys!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clever Girl

Today I'll be reprising my Velociraptor impression for an Excedrin spec commercial. The contest was invite-only, with about 20 filmmakers competing. The winner will get their commercial aired nationally...but I'm hoping there will be online exposure/voting as well. They've promised a quick turnaround on my DVD copy.

I have a meeting scheduled Monday to be the spokesperson for...honestly I'm not sure what. I think its a furniture company. I'm driving to Pembroke for a screen test. They want to 'talk about a plan that works for us all', so I think I've already been pretty heavily vetted.

Boston Casting has called me in for an audition for a REAL MOVIE. Its a Low-Budget SAG feature to shoot early in the new year. I'd probably have to quit my Microsoft gig...but this kind of gig is the one that I've been holding out for. That audition is in Allston on Thursday.

Lastly, I've reached out to my contacts at Turbine Games (Lord of the Rings Online) to find out what union I'd have to be in to do voice -over work for them. I've been looking for an excuse to join AFTRA, SAG would be difficult unless this Boston Casting gig works out. I guess we shall see.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Too Early for Photographer Drama

And yet I've already had some this morning. I've officially been called old-looking. That didn't take very long, did it?

Thursday I auditioned for " Tonya & Nancy", a rock opera showcasing at the Oberon in late January. They liked my audition picks (Randy Newman's "God's Song", and "Fifteen Pounds away from my Love"), and asked me to stay for a movement call. Turns out it was a dance call.I danced in jeans and socks...but so did the other auditioners. A heads-up would have been nice, but I think I danced reasonably well given the circumstances.

The DP from "That Late Thursday Night" asked me to star in his senior thesis shooting next semester. The script sounds interesting, and showcases a side of me not yet captured on film for the demo reel, so I said yes.

Boston Casting has called me in to audition for a REAL MOVIE in January. Details to come.

My day job officially has me working Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. I am not entirely pleased about this. I also have yet to find out how long my obligation extends into the new year. My boss has promised to keep me in the loop.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No More Christmas Carols...

The worst part of my current job is easily the incessant christmas carols being pumped into every store. No one can escape Mariah Carey. Speaking of, I need to figure out when exactly this current job ends, so I can apply for every last scrap of other work available.

I received word that one of my student films ("Nighthawks") is nearly done, and will be screened and printed to DVD this coming week. One step closer to that elusive demo reel...

I've made plans to do a photoshoot with the DP from "That Late Thursday Night". A new headshot would be lovely, but if I walk away with a good casual 3/4 body shot I'll be happy.

I've registered for a few higher-end promo companies based in NYC. My search for a sublet is premature, as anything listed now will be irrelvant/gone by the time I'm able to relocate.

I'm finding myself increasingly frustrated with my unavailability. I think the real killer right now is my lack of weekends--it nearly eliminates my chances of working on most student films and indies. Nearly all the projects listed on Actors Access seem to be posted about a week in advance, though I submit myself for the rare few listed for January and after. I find myself anxiously re-checking the prices of the online Backstage subscription, only to realize I'd be wasting a month of my expensive membership.

Lastly: outside of the professional and/or Equity calls, I've decided not to audition for more theater in the Boston area. Yes, I do need to keep working, but I'd rather not make long term commitments based on a $200 stipend and a bit role in a musical revival. New goal: land underpaid theater in New York, and start networking the crap out of it. Soon as I'm available, at least...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seriously Neglected Blog

Let's recap on all the things I missed:

SpeakEasy had a non-union call; I did not receive an appointment. Right now my 'stage' resume is a little straight-play heavy, which has lead to the inevitable Musical Theater resume. Once I polish all three incarnations, it will be time for some serious stapling and cutting so I can easily grab whichever version I need before an audition.

I modeled for Dawnamatrix again at the Deviant Ball at Machine. I had an excellent time, and need to remember to email her about the photos.

I auditioned for a rock band, and they liked me! They're a bit older than me, but they're looking for an attractive (trained) musician to record vocals and shop for a record deal. They have an outer-space theme; I think I'd make an excellent android vocalist. I warned them I'd be off-radar for a week or so. I'd really like to sing for them without coming straight from talking to people for 8 hours straight. Damn need for a job.

I went to New York to carol for TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I had been hoping that due the client presence and visibility of the NY market, that promos would have a higher level of accountability than Boston. So much for that idea. Wednesday was officially declared 'rained out', so I missed out on the second day of work. I wasn't pleased about that, but I made an actor friend, and got to see friends in New Jersey.

Actors Access won't let me write notes for casting submissions now, so I can't link to my film clips. Boooo. I'm still submitting for roles, but it really presses the need for a finished demo reel.

I quit working for Busy Bee promotions. I cannot fathom why any company would send me a time, address, and product for a demo that I'm not supposed to work. The fact that they don't 'have time' to filter that out before it gets to me speaks to their disorganization and lack of professionalism.

Overall, I'm about halfway through the "make money during christmas season" plan. I'm fairly pleased with it, but still looking for more Monday-Wednesday gigs to snap up. I will also go back to my goal of blogging 3x a week. I swear. Hopefully.