Friday, September 16, 2011

National Television!

My episode of the Wendy Williams show airs today at noon. Let us conveniently gloss over the fact that I am appearing as one of ten Pillsbury dough boys in a five-thousand-dollar-suit.

Its a silly gig, and I'm happy to have the money. The part that I do find unsettling is that more people have expressed interest in watching this episode of a talk show than have ever asked me about my webseries, plays, or indie movies I've been in. At my most cynical it seems easy to mock me for taking a silly job to support my starvingactor lifestyle. I am trying to change that mindset to one focused on the quick turnaround. Maybe in a world with easier video formats and accessible film festivals, my Annette Bening costar credits will outshine those with Wendy Williams. One can only hope.

I sent in my contract for Pirates of Penzance with Fiddlehead. I will be back in Massachusetts for a large part of November and December. I'm very excited to be a part of it--mostly because I haven't been in a full production of a musical since I left CLOC. I also love Gilbert and Sullivan, and cannot wait to return to an environment in which I sing every day. Before I leave, I plan to call AFTRA and discuss the joining payment plan. Hopefully I'll land some BG on RIPD, and make my short return home turn a profit.