Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Insult to Injury

Yesterday I received a call from a woman at a staffing agency. She found my resume on one of the staffing sites, and was interested in hooking me up with a CSR position in acton. She was looking to interview today, apparently she had an urgent problem to solve.

It paid several dollars an hour less than what I'm looking for, but I figured I would sign up on their staffing website. I wrote the woman back within the hour to say I didn't think I would be able to take a full time position all the way out in Acton with my current commitments in downtown Boston.

Dear readers: in my resume career objective section, it says I am looking for a part-time position on the top of the page. I am very clear with my goals.

Apparently she was frustrated that I was no longer interested in being the fix to her staffing problem. I received an email lecture back, about how this woman knows some very nice musicians, who, while very good at their "hobby" (ugh!), needed to pay the bills. Apparently I have to "make a choice" between my professional and creative lives.

I'm pretty sure this is verbatim the lecture I received from my high school nurse.

Needless to say, I made my choice quickly and deleted her email.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Get Organized

Paul Russel, (a casting director whose blog I read every week) recommended making an outline of career goals. He admitted that the example he posted may not have been entirely realistic in scope, but still a good exercise, and a good structure to fall back on. Having booked the lead in Joy and the Apocalypse, I am now booked straight through mid-october. I think I have hit my ceiling as far as non-union film goes. So, I wrote up a game plan for the rest of the year that has me on track for my SAG card by 2011.

P3 seems geared up to start submitting for acting work...eventually. I need to pick my branch manager's brain about that at my photoshoot next week. If they don't start submitting me for things, and soon, I will be out shopping around for acting representation.

My business cards have started to pay off. I gave one to one of the photographers at the Mission Park premiere, and he's already contacted me about doing portfolio work.

I've signed up with an entertainment company to be a Victorian Christmas caroler this coming winter. I can accept or decline jobs as I see fit.

Yesterday I applied for a part time marketing job with ZipCar. It would basically be like a long term promo with consistent hours. Today I signed up on SoloGig.com--its aimed at consultants and contract jobs. I applied for a part-time job as a marketing assistant in lexington. The hours are flexible, and its close by.

Today I have an audition for a film called Vietnam Redux. It should prove interesting.

Aaand that's about it for now. Stay tuned, loyal readers!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Morning After

Yesterday was slightly insane.

I put up my hair in pin curls, so it could both sit under wigs all day, and have an instant hair style for the premiere. I was way too proud of pulling that off.

While I was getting in my costume and wig at the Garment District, I got a call from the director of Joy and the Apocalypse, they wanted to cast me in the lead role. I sent them my rehearsal schedule for Enron, as that's my only conflict right now.

The Halloween commercial shoot was a lot of fun. I think I actually want to use some of my Marilyn Monroe footage for gag at the end of my demo reel. After several round of dress-up, the boy picked me up, we booked it to Watertown to change and primp, and back to Harvard Square for the premiere of Mission Park. My hair lasted long enough to get past the photographers; considering the past four days of rain, I'll consider that a victory.

It was good to see the High Heel Samurai/Mission Park core cast, and I got some good schmoozing done. I made friends with a couple photographers, sealed a role in a friend's campy atomic age queer film, and reconnected with some acting acquaintances. The icing on the cake was that my modeling agents came, courtesy of my co-star and agency-mate also in the film. They made a point of saying they liked what they saw, and how glad they were to sign us.

This morning I looked like hell on wheels on the commuter rail home, but I'd say it was worth it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Still Raining...

So Emerson college has a part time position assisting the production manager. I whipped up a version of my resume with the theater tech back on it, and leaned heavily on my experience at North Shore in my cover letter. I'm not sure how it pays, but theater tech is very high up on the list of "things that don't really feel like work". Not driving on my daily commute would also be very nice.

I also signed myself up for another temp database, this one based in Burlington.

No word from Joy and the Apocalypse yet, but they're still within their allotted time.

I read a very strange screenplay this morning. The writer calls it a "Queer Noir". He's looking for the female lead; I asked him for footage from his first feature. Gotta get those production values for the reel. The limited niche audience also has me a bit worried as far as marketability and festivals go.

And lastly, my photoshoot today got postponed; the photographer's camera up and died on him. Still gotta bleach my hair for the Mission Park premiere Wednesday. I should probably get on that.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I'm doing a major overhaul of my real-world resume. Previously, it lacked a career objective and a qualification summary. These changes were recommended by guidelines on a few Boston staffing group websites...and the resume looked at bit sparse anyhow.

Before the week is out, I need to come up with a good, inoffensive 300 word writing sample. Thus far the only writing jobs that have responded to my inquiries are "blogging" positions whose only real purpose is to drive up keyword counts and google traffic. I am beginning to be unsure if my usual strategy of "bullshit my way into the first job and allow my skills to float me" will work in the proofreading/editing vein.

Callbacks for Joy and the Apocalypse went very well yesterday. Not only did they like my read, but they told me the loved my attitude as well. The director said he'd contact me within three days.

I was slated to work with one of my agency's photographers monday evening, but I've learned (via Facebook, of course), that his camera has died. I had been planning on shopping for some wardrobe, but am reluctant to spend any money on a shoot that might not happen.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Return to Boson Theater!

Between now and the time of my last post, I not only was cast in Enron, I've attended the first rehearsal. I'm in the ensemble, which will be heavily involved in the show. Highlights include light saber battles, velociraptors, and a barbershop quartet. Oh! That reminds me. I'll also be music directing. Sure I can arrange a short barbershop number...hopefully...

I landed an interview for the Hershey merchandising job. They wanted to pay me slightly more than the last job I interviewed for, which is to say nowhere near enough. They must have a large phone bank system somewhere out in the midwest. After I ended the interview, and thanked my interviewer for her time, I received a follow-up email that said they would "get back to me". Pretty sure that was an automated message.

I'm starting to get a handle of things back in the law office. Its nice to know I can actually survive there for extended periods of time and not feel like a total idiot.

Last, and certainly not least, I have a general audition for the ART this morning. Crossing my fingers for this one. They're equity, nationally recognized, and generally pretty cool. Time to banish that morning voice...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Someone's got a case of the Tuesdays

Not a lot of good job postings today. Yesterday I applied to be a proofreader in the Alumni Relations department at Harvard University, and for a merchandising job with a company called Crossmark. I doubt Crossmark would pay enough...but no way to know unless they offer me a job.

Last night I auditioned for Enron, the play, for Zeitgeist at the BCA. All actors receive the same stipend. I'm too young for the one female character but there will be an ensemble. I'd be receiving that call/email before tomorrow afternoon.

They had us read from the script opposite other auditionees, and I found myself paired with local Casting Director Kevin Fenessey. We joked about going against type (he looks nothing like the late Kenneth Lay, I couldn't pass for 40 if I tried), and I enjoyed reading with him. Hurrah for unexpected fortuitous networking. I thanked him on facebook this morning for reading with me.

I have general auditions for the ART friday morning, and callbacks for the lead in Joy and the Apocalypse Saturday. Speak Easy isn't seeing non-eqs this week after all, but they said a non-equity call would be announced later. Rehearsal continues for Boston Ballistic on Wednesday, shooting starts this weekend. Saturday I also auditioned for a short film called Wasted Youth. The director knew townie friends and Ithaca friends of mine.

Last but not least, I've gone back to putting in regular hours at my dad's office. I cannot wait until his office moves and is set up. I am not a fan of the cardboard file boxes, but unemployed blondes can't be choosers.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slacking Off

I signed up on another staffing group website--The Creative Group. I'm hoping for a copyediting job. With professional experience editing, I could eventually freelance and dictate my own schedule.

I received a strange call from a man claiming he was casting for a traveling children's show. He sent me to a website that showed an impressive track record, and a presence in Canada, the US, England, Australia, and new Zealand. He said the show paid $500/week, and gave me a rough sketch of what cities it would tour between now and November.

Here are the weird parts:

In the series of usual point-blank questions (have you ever been convicted of a felony? etc) he asked if I had at least one working credit card.

He asked if I had couches to crash on in the cities he mentioned. Sure, I do have a few couches in Philly and DC, but certainly not for three weeks at a time. A touring production with no housing budget?

He said he would audition me over the phone, to make sure I could enunciate well. He said to expect a sample dialogue in my email. I checked it that afternoon, and found a paragraph from a gossip website detailing Lindsay Lohan's trip to jail. Not quite the material I expected for children's theater.

My best guess is that he's ripped off this company's show and is trying to perform it at a discount. I gave him an excuse; I told him a film I had signed on for would still be shooting during the tour dates he gave me.
I'm contemplating sending an email to the general info address listed on the theater company's website. It all sounds a bit fishy to me...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Talk about less shiny

I drove to Leominster for my interview, only to find out the position pays $10/hour. Apparently the recruiter (with whom I spoke twice) was supposed to let me know.

Looks like I"ll be working at my dad's office a while longer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yesterday apparently had too many victories to post.

Last night I received an email from Pertinent Pictures saying I have been cast in their pilot Boston Ballistics, email with details to follow later in the week. They want to rehearse this weekend, so trip to NY has been postponed. However, among the reasons to postpone a trip, booking a pilot would seem to be among the best.

I also received an email from the director of a feature film I auditioned for last saturday; they want me to come to callbacks for the lead role . Kickass.

Oh, and a Mosaic recruiter called me today. The job on the table isn't quite as shiny as the last one I had, but at this point I'll take what I can get.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two More Bragging Points

So apparently a few of the websites I belong to and check have formed a partnership. Long story short is that via my memberships on NewEnglandActor and Actor's Access, and thanks to Model Club Inc, I can now be submitted for principal roles in NYC. If I want to be a part of anything low, or ultra low budget, I have to give them a heads up. But yeah. Principal submissions in New York City here I come!

I got to meet up with a talented playwright and composer I had briefly interacted with a couple months ago. We talked trends, local institutions, scummy coworkers, and caught up in general. She wants me to record one of her original songs at her studio, and one of my own choosing. I, needless to say, am thrilled. I am in desperate need of singing demos, and will be even more so once my website goes up.

Two major victories for the day. Don't worry, I've already cracked open a celebratory beer.

A hit, A very palpable hit!

I received two phone calls yesterday from different people at the Professional Staffing Group. One was a more general call, screening me for the "office support" department, but I also received a follow-up to my application for a proofreading job. The particular job has been put on hold, but the Creative department is also keeping my info on file. Yay for jobs I actually want liking me back!

Today I am meeting with a playwright/composer I read for a couple months back. Just a creative lunch date, but its always good to have people who want to collaborate.

Wednesday is a networking party for my modeling agency, P3. I am armed with studded leggings, and new business cards. It should prove a productive night.

Aaand this weekend I am going on a much-needed trip to New York. My business cards will make the trip, and I'll probably stop by the Colony, but its a social trip, made possible by the sudden unexpected open-ness in my schedule.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is a little professionalism too much to ask for?

No, I will not destroy personal wardrobe items for your film. Yes, I actually require the dates you plan to shoot. Yes, all of them. I am a working performer; I have a modeling agency to keep happy, and equity auditions to attend.

I am a somewhat frustrated human being. This may be the end of my auditioning for student film.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Follow up. It's important.

The student film postponed again. I sent them an email laden with only minimal guilt about my recent job loss, and mentioned that I cannot shoot saturday; two paid auditions beats a small role in a student film every time. Supposedly we are shooting Monday now. If we don't, I'm going to bail.

Today I submitted for auditions for A Christmas Carol at The Hanover Theater in Lowell (yay Equity points!), and Enron at Zeitgeist Stage. They liked me last year for Christmas Carol, but my dialect was less than stellar. With my much-since-improved RP, maybe I'll have a better shot at it this year.

I received a follow-up on my follow-up; my contact at the marketing company sent me an email saying she enjoyed my scene clip.

I've had very little luck with any of the career websites. This morning I received a recruitment email from Aflac that didn't try very hard to appear not to be a form letter.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Work work work, all day long...

Things accomplished in the past day and a half:
*Follow up email sent to Pertinent Pictures.
*Scheduled an audition for the ART 2010-2011 Season
*Received an email from my former supervisor, he is talking to Mosaic Recruitment about 3 potential positions for me.
*Submitted myself for a fistful of infomercials and paid short films
*Set up a date with a playwright/composer whose readings I have participated in.
*Received fabulous edited footage from a recent film. Having footage more recent than High Heel Samurai is going to be awesome.
*Set up a profile on PSG Staffing
*Resolved to apply for the MFA Acting program at Brandeis.

Brandeis accepts a class of ten every three years. The next round of auditions is for fall 2011. Even though they don't require it for the acting MFA, I'm going to get a GRE study book and sign up for a test. I test well, and it will be good to have it out of the way.

The student film I was upset about is supposedly slated to shoot tomorrow. They say I should receive a call "at the end of the evening" to confirm. One must wonder...when does the evening end? Will I be up? My worry is that I'll be checking my voicemail at 7am tomorrow morning only to find out they've postponed again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Search Continues...

I put my resume and profile up on CareerBuilder. The only bite I've received thus far is from the same Insurance mass email that found me on Monster.

I had been excited about a performing contact-- my eye doctor's son works for an agency in Queens. He seemed enthusiastic enough, so I forwarded him my resume. I got a form letter back about how they are not looking for talent at this time.

I sent an email to my former supervisor about the other gaming position at Mosaic. Fingers crossed he will have some info, and possibly get me in touch or recommend me to whoever is running that project.

I have two auditions for feature films lined up on Saturday, and the P3 networking party next Wednesday. I have two TFP photography gigs lined up, one for a local fashion line, and one just going for a "gritty, punk" look. I think the latter will really help my modeling port.

And, it seems like I get to keep my Xbox and Zune.

Grrr, Aaarg....

Second goal accomplished: I updated my promo resume. Such a hap-hazard little industry, there's no standard resume format. I also applied to be a Barbie impersonator in a couple weeks, but I haven't heard back from them.

I thought I had a job lead with a copyediting company based in Waltham. They responded to my cover letter and resume very quickly, and sent me a screener. I guess I didn't do well enough on the screener, because I haven't heard from them in two days. Damn. Perhaps its time to revisit Strunk & White.

Also, a small bit of frustration on the student film side.

I signed onto a project a couple months ago. I read for a lead character, who isn't quite my type, and was cast as smaller character who is far more 'me'. The director sent out several versions of the schedule, doing his best to accommodate everyone's plans and needs. This is all well and good.

A couple weeks ago I got an email asking if I would mind playing the lead character I auditioned for. I said I'm happy to, please keep me in the loop. And then all communication stopped.

I sent emails to the director, AD, and director again asking what role I was playing, as I'm a busy girl, and have auditions I need to get to.

I started getting daily call sheets from the AD...and still no response to my questions. Due to construction, actors dropping out, and whatever drama else, the entire schedule was pushed back by almost a week, rendering all schedule checking moot.

Finally got a response from the director, who said had I been playing the lead role, he would have still wanted me for the character role, but they got the lead actress back....can I rehearse this week? I said yes, and asked please sir, when are we slated to shoot?

And I haven't heard back.

While I understand that it's a student film, and we are all in the learning process, I am frustrated. Being disorganized is one thing, and this being the first film to shoot at the Paramount soundstage on Emerson campus, there are bound to be a few wrinkles here and there. However, what bothers me is the unresponsiveness of the director and crew. If I hadn't recently become unemployed, I would be in no situation to wait around on an email this morning to see if they want me to rehearse today. At this point I have no idea when I'm wanted on set.

Complaining to anyone involved with accomplish nothing other than labeling myself as a diva. So I guess I'll fester over here, and hope for a union card in my future.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Theater is 90% Rejection

The Stiletto Singers said that while I made the decision difficult, they don't have a role to offer me right now. They'd like to have me available as an "on call singer". Harrumph.

I went to an audition for a pilot called Boston Ballistics on Saturday. The director and his partners have a sound stage down in Taunton; a second round of auditions was held there sunday. They were well organized, to the point, and seemed like really great guys. The one role my type was a down on her luck girl from Southie. I felt good about my reading, but "damaged" and "strung out" aren't exactly the first things I read as.

As I was walking out to my car the director ran out and stopped me. Knowing me, I assumed I had left my phone in the audition room. It turned out he's starting another tv show, kind of a traveling talent show out of a van, where passers by have two minutes to do "their thing" for the camera, and he wanted me to host it! No details on when it will start, or compensation, but it's a connection I'm glad to have made.

Today I have two auditions: One for a corporate spokesperson, and another for murder mystery dinner theater in Lexington. The former would be a steady, paying gig, and the latter would pay per performance.

Also, I first goal achieved of the week: business cards were ordered yesterday morning, and they are slated to arrive two days before my agency party. On to the next!