Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gearing up for January

Pirates opened to good reviews on friday. One such review, by Beverly Creasey, mentioned me by name. I guess that thing about 'no small roles' is true after all. This weekend's shows are selling well, and we are recording a cast album on thursday. I haven't been in studio in ages, so it looks to be a good time.

Sexually Frank has been submitted to its first round of festivals, and is garnering its own share of press. Check out an interview with director extraordinaire Frankie Frain here.

I've started submitting for auditions in January, and have been working on my mailers. While my hopes are not high of being 'discovered' in time for pilot season, my goal is to be called in for multiple principals for next year's summerstock.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Surviving Suburbia

So here we are, halfway through our little stint based in suburbia....and I'm quite quickly becoming bored out of my skull.

I've been decent about accomplishing the things on my ambitious list. Hanlon's book of piano exercises has been kicking my butt. I've tweaked my fancy HTML email, and started combing through the Backstage listings to find recipients. I've chosen the first batch of Casting Directors to receive hard-copy mailers, and will be going into my dad's office next week to abuse his printer.

I did not buy Rocksmith. The MIDI-enabled keyboard stayed in Brooklyn, but I have been working on an excellent new song for both my voice and acting types. We'll see how terrible its sounds when I try to record it at home.

The only tempting stint with Boston Casting and RIPD is for featured background in January. I don't think another month of this lifestyle will be good for me, or my NY gig availability.

Pirates begins tech on sunday. Wish me luck.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby, won't you please come back?

Last night I got a text from a student filmmaker. He is re-creating a scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and I had read for Willie. He sent me a 'we went in a different direction' email pretty quickly after I read. Not the end of the world.

My text from last night read:"the part has opened up, and he'd LOVE to offer it to me if I'm still available" at such-and-such a time.

In that same vein, Boston Ballistic has been sending me emails about reporting to set for unpaid extra work. Yeeup. Totally gonna consider that.

I wonder if enjoying these situations when they arise means I am another bitter actor. As far as Willie is concerned, I am genuinely unavailable, I am not turning down this work out of spite. (Previous times this has happened I have turned down work because of other evident issues with the project). I am, however, bemused each time it happens.

In other news!
I was very pleased with my homemade video for the Nightwing webseries. I did get the quickest turnaround on a rejection I've had in quite some time after sending it, however. They say they're interested in me for other roles, and the DP is interested in shooting regular ol' photos with me. So, not a total loss.

Pirates is going well. I love singing light opera. I'm so glad I accepted this gig.

The Sci-Fi Noir pilot wrote me back, and is 'going another direction'.

Now that I'm back in MA I have the time and resources to work on my secondary skills. I have a new audition song I'm very excited about, and have been kicking my butt with Hanlon's piano exercises. Back to Chopin next week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I have rehearsal tonight!

I am currently on the bus from New York to boston. With the help of tea and power-naps, tonight I will be ready for my first rehearsal for Pirates of Penzance. Yay!

(The period/greater than key finally fell off my laptop. That's gonna want some Macguyver-ing when I get home.)

Let's recap:

I was called in for a Chicago run of Hairspray last monday.I was very pleased with how I sang (belt mix on a high F? No problem) and read. The director seemed to like my adjustment, and the pianist said I did a good job. I haven't been called back, but it was a good audition.

I started shooting an NYU student film called 'Electric Sugar'. We had some casting setbacks, and will resume shooting in early spring.

I was called in for a Sci-Fi/Noir indie pilot. They liked my monologue, and said they'd be calling me in with specific sides in the near future.

I have an audition for a webseries based on Nightwing, but until I receive my complete Pirates schedule, I don't know if I can attend. I shot them an email, and they're okay with a video audition. They also want to see how I'll look in the costume--but I can come up with photos of me in fishnets, a leotard, and leather jacket no problem.

Monday was agent night with Paul Russell. I was pleased with how I did--the biggest criticism I received is that my song choice wasn't vocally challenging enough for my (suspected) abilities, and that I played it a bit safe. I need to send thank you cards to both Paul and the agents.
Paul gave my class a shout-out on facebook, saying we were among the most talented and put together he's seen. And no, he did no such thing the last time I took the class.

All in all, it was a very good couple of weeks. I sent all of my agent mailer stationery back to MA, so I can continue to assemble submissions while out of NYC. Auditions slow down in December, so that should provide a nice lull to see if I can get seen.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Whatever happened to your blog?

Casting news: I've been cast as a featured role in an NYU student film! Hooray! The script looks very interesting, and the footage will fill the femme-fatale sized gap in my demo reel.

The countdown is on til my first rehearsal for Pirates. I am so excited to be singing again soon.

I don't currently have any other employment while home in Boston, so I've developed a plan of productivity and self improvement. The pieces are as follows:

My dad had a good idea for a feature film. I am going to ignore the fact that I have not a clue what I'm doing, and try to write it while I'm home. Six weeks. Totally doable, right?

I am going to buy that video game that will teach me how to be a better guitarist. I will get better at guitar (and have all the endorphins associated with Xbox achievements. Hey, whatever works).

I am going to use my MIDI keyboard and fancy new USB mic and try and record things in my basement. This could be a disaster. Even so, it will likely be an educational experience.

I will continue to work out, probably with the help of my Kinect. (It was free, non-committal gym memberships are far from.) As I meet more and more New York actors, I find it comforting that so few are actually in that television weightclass (five pounds underweight, or fifty over). I've been making quite reasonable progress in terms of my fitness level, muscle tone, and figure. I have the beginnings of ab definition. Continuing progress during the holiday season will probably be difficult (mmm, pumpkin cheesecake), but totally worth it.

Lastly, I will continue my New York casting mailers from Boston. If anything, that should be easier, with more access to stationery and table space.

Friday, September 16, 2011

National Television!

My episode of the Wendy Williams show airs today at noon. Let us conveniently gloss over the fact that I am appearing as one of ten Pillsbury dough boys in a five-thousand-dollar-suit.

Its a silly gig, and I'm happy to have the money. The part that I do find unsettling is that more people have expressed interest in watching this episode of a talk show than have ever asked me about my webseries, plays, or indie movies I've been in. At my most cynical it seems easy to mock me for taking a silly job to support my starvingactor lifestyle. I am trying to change that mindset to one focused on the quick turnaround. Maybe in a world with easier video formats and accessible film festivals, my Annette Bening costar credits will outshine those with Wendy Williams. One can only hope.

I sent in my contract for Pirates of Penzance with Fiddlehead. I will be back in Massachusetts for a large part of November and December. I'm very excited to be a part of it--mostly because I haven't been in a full production of a musical since I left CLOC. I also love Gilbert and Sullivan, and cannot wait to return to an environment in which I sing every day. Before I leave, I plan to call AFTRA and discuss the joining payment plan. Hopefully I'll land some BG on RIPD, and make my short return home turn a profit.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Boys and girls, it has been an eventful week. I got my hair cut at the Aveda institute, only to end up talking Gilbert and Sullivan with my hairstylist. Long story short, he wants me to sing for him, and to get me in touch with his agent. Nice!

Saturday I had callbacks for Dusty Cartridges, the gaming webseries. I was very pleased with how it went, and yesterday I sent a follow-up email to the writer/director.

I went home to Boston for a few days. While there I sang for Legally Blonde and A Christmas Carol at North Shore Music Theater, and Pirates of Penzance at Fiddlehead. A friend has already heard about Fiddlehead, so I am not optimistic on that front, but my audition for A Christmas Carol went very well-- the pianist/music director remembered me, and the director was dancing along to my song in his chair! Fingers most definitely crossed for that one.

I did have a vocal scare-- after singing for my audition tuesday, my throat felt muscularly sore, and I was worried I had been forcing or doing something terribly wrong. (No! I want to keep my audition song with a high A!). Turns out I just caught my dad's cold. So I am taking advil and drinking tea and hoping I will cease feeling like a mute in the near future.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chipping Away

I blame my recent bout of productivity on a book lent to me by a friend--'Getting Stuff Done' is rocking my world.

I sent out gorgeous mailers to two Boston-based CDs (RIPD is rumored to be the biggest movie shot in MA ever), and one NY based manager. More mailers will be sent after I get my new headshots from reproductions.

My Snowball microphone arrived, and I love it. The quality is far better than I thought I could afford, and I've already sent a first take of the Kickstarter cartoon. If I go SAG, I can bother my connections at Turbine for work. In the meantime, I should really take a VO demo class. Slash do research on what other people's demos sound like/feature/etc.

I've started revamping my audition book. Tearing pages got fixed, beautiful new dividers were installed, and songs I haven't sung in years were removed. I want to add a few things before I print out a song list to go in the front. I'm still searching for a contemporary belty uptempo---and the things that sit best in my voice are from Lippa. Really? Lippa? I need to find something better.

A couple setbacks-- apparently the footage I have from A Remarkable Appratus won't load on a PC, so I have to wait until I sit down to make my demo reel on someone else's Mac to pick and choose what I want. Sexually Frank, though it will play in Zune, will not edit in Windows Live Movie Maker (I wanted to slim it down to 45 seconds for Actors Access).

Also: I found someone on model mayhem who will take my swimsuit photos! Yay!

I really should clean my room. That's an idea.

Monday, August 8, 2011

$200 To sing on your stage? No thank you.

Yes, really.

I applied on for a showcase called 'Bound for Broadway'. An accompanist fee doesn't seem so outlandish, and being expected to sell tickets sounds pretty normal, right? Except when I received instructions, they read that I can pay for the tickets I sell with a money order written out to a person, not a company or group. So unless I can guarantee 10 friends will fork over money, and then buy two overpriced drinks to hear me sing one song, I am out $200. Yes, I want good video of me singing. I think I can do better than that, however.

I drafted a cover letter to send to CP Casting back in Boston today. They're in charge of principal casting for R.I.P.D., which looks to be the biggest movie to ever shoot in the state. I doubt that many MA actors are sending fancy mailers. We can only hope they need some blonde day-players.

I found a USB microphone with fantastic reviews online. I'm going to transfer some funds from my savings for the mic, and my new batch of Reproductions head shots. Frankie (of Sexually Frank fame) wants me to do VO work for some cartoons he's written, so I'll immediately have VO material to work with. Woo!

There's a possibly equity production of Pirates of Penzance going up in Dedham, MA. I'll be returning for that audition to sing for Edith. One day I'll be old enough for Ruth...

I've resolved to stop stressing myself out about bartending applications until the end of the month, when I hear what is going on with the Kinect program. Trying to handle two jobs and my acting stuff is too much.

I've kept up running 3x a week, as well as doing an ab-focused video that kicks my ass. My body composition has been changing, and as such I'm on the hunt for new full body pictures. I spent a good half hour submitting to photogs on Model Mayhem today, hopefully one will pull through, and I will have proof that I am skinny/toned enough to get more work.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Unrealistic Expectations?

Still no bites on the food service front. I thought I was stooping below my level when I attended an open call for Planet Hollywood last week. Tourists? Midtown? Blech, right? My resume didn't even pass the first going-over; I got sent home before the interview. The search continues.

I've gone to a few friends currently working as servers and bartenders for advice. The most useful (sanity wise, at least) is that it's summer, its the slow season for everyone. While the supplemental income may not come in time for agents' slow season, there will be more jobs in the fall.

No calls back from NYMF. What I learned from outside audition rooms: despite what my voice teacher thinks/hopes/told me, I do need to go in with a belt. 'Classic musical theatre' sound is not cutting it in the city. "All the Men in my Life (keep getting killed by Candarian demons)" needs to go in my book.

I had an audition on saturday I was very pleased with--for a webseries seeking a pretty gamer girl. They loved my monologue, and me geeking out about Gears of War 3. I haven't heard from them yet, but the feeling of having an audition 'click' is certainly nice enough. I was also entertained as hell that I had an audition in a BET office. Its hard to get whiter than me.

Ending the post with good news-- My headshot and resume passed a screener on Actor's Access to submit for a spinoff musical Disney show. My friend Caleb was so good as to help me shoot my scene and song. The character is very close to my type, so I have high hopes of getting past the first few video screeners, and maybe being watched by some important Disney casting types. That would be okay. The idea of me being squeaky fucking clean is an entertaining one.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am an [actor],and [actor]s just believe...

Yes I've been listening to the Book of Mormon cast recording. Why do you ask?

I failed my goal of quitting my job by my birthday. While two of my three interviews last week went very well, my phone did not ring. I interviewed monday at a bar down by 2nd ave, and was told I'd be called back for the second round. I am also attending three open calls tomorrow--one of which is at planet hollywood to be a server.

The last time I served was when I was 18. I don't remember loving it, but I think I could get a handle of it again. Making money off tourists sounds a-ok to me.

I had two auditions on tuesday, both for NYMF shows. One was unified, and I saw a SLC face behind the very long audition table. The other was for a particular show, but they did not call me back to dance. I was pleased with how I sang, but from what I can tell I need to be working on and showcasing my belt technique.

Saturday I have an audition for a webseries. The role is me all over. Fingers crossed...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keep Truckin'

In the past two weeks I have applied to countless jobs, interviewed for five, postponed one, and been stood up for two. Thursday I found out that I was expected to provide my own costume for a promo, and haul the materials around for the duration of the month. The brick wall I continue to hit is that I have no manhattan bartending/serving experience, let alone 3-5 years of it. Where did everyone else get their start?

In other news, I've started running regularly. All my runner friends were right-- I feel better the rest of the day--I'm more energized, and less cranky. I also have been putting my hula hoop to good use. Take that, abdominals!

I have the sneaking suspicion that my old Oscar Wilde project has fallen through, so I've started applying for all kinds of theater gigs I can find. I can't afford to be in classes at the moment, so I have to get myself working. I'm trying to focus on musical theater credits, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

I'm trying to be less cranky about the whole situation. We'll see how that goes.

Monday, June 27, 2011

And I love to live so pleasantly...

Well I suppose the tax man hasn't exactly taken all my dough at this point, but it does continue to disappear.

Summer is well under way, and I need to start mailing agents and casting directors while they have time to see me. However, that requires I have more headshots printed, etc. I tried a test run with Precision Photos for StageSource, and could not have been more disappointed in terms of both quality and service. Reproductions it is, pricey though they may be.

One of the conditions of the Kinect Sales program being extended was that we only work three days a week, instead of the four we used to get. Ironically, I had four when I was living at home and could afford to work less. Now I work three days a week, pay my own bills, and need some startup funds for career related things.

What's clear is that I need something in addition to (or, should it work out, replacing) my current gig. Having zero weekend ability while only getting 18 hours per week simply does not cut it.
I've been hunting for a job bartending, cocktail waitressing, or serving. My mother calls me every time she reads an anecdotal article about how much tutors make. I had two interviews on friday for promotional work, and one today at a craft beer bar. Having just paid off my credit card that I used for the last round of headshots, I cannot afford to meet up with a playwright/director friend for drinks today. I've hit a level of 'fed up' where getting foot massages all night at a fetish party no longer seems like such a bad idea.

In the mean time, I need to do homework for these mailings that doesn't cost me anything. I'm going to start working on a fancy magazine-inspired mailer (idea courtesy of Dallas Travers) and hunting down what agents I wish to court.

The way I see it, I'm in the trenches. I'm doing what needs to be done at this point in my career. I suppose in this metaphor, I'm currently re-evaluating the infrastructure of the rations delivery system. Too far, perhaps?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's the great conjunction?

Its the end of the world! Or the beginning. End, begin; all the same.

On that note, I just received word that my program with Microsoft/Xbox isn't being renewed, and I will be unemployed as of this coming monday. The wine bar I guest-bartended for last week also did not hire me (for those of you following along).

I can't say I'm that upset about it. Due to some circumstances I won't discuss in this public forum, I had been dealing with a great deal of job-related stress over the past month. I'll also be happy to have my weekend availability back.

Onto beginnings!

Jack Menashe took lovely new headshots. If you haven't already, scroll through them on facebook and tell me which ones you like. I'm currently torn.

Sunday I attended stagesource auditions in boston. Because I was let in off the wait-list, I was scheduled in the afternoon, sans accompanist. I slated, grabbed a note off the piano, and sang a cappella.I should have been more prepared with my monologue, but I was pleased with how I did.

A couple weeks ago I attended a career seminar with Dallas Travers, whose main focus was to 'do less more often'. While I ponder headshots, I'll also be pondering which casting directors and agents to short list, and try to persuade to call me in. Feedback is also welcome on that front.

So! We have the current main goal of finding employment. Over the next two days I will be making contact with as many bars as humanly possible on the F train. Once I have the guarantee of my ability to pay rent and afford food, the acting foccii shall again begin!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Poor Unfortunate Blog

For a while I stopped blogging because I felt I had nothing new to report. Then I was in Ohio. Then I was busy shooting a movie. Excuses, excuses.

The Brick by Brick reading went very well. I have received an email from Nehemiah that wheels are turning, so I am crossing my fingers in hopes of continued involvement with the show.

I just wrapped A Remarkable Apparatus, and I am very pleased with the rough cut (already out! I know!). I had the incredible good fortune to shoot a scene with Mrs. Annette Bening. I'm very happy to have been a part of the project, and I'm in talks with the director as to where the film will go from here.

I am in the beginnings of an adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is the brainchild of my friend, Miss Olivia Lilley. She is staging it as a vaudeville. I begin research this week on burlesque, and period costumes (two of my favorite things), and am very excited to have something to work on for the summer.

Boston Casting continues to email me regarding non-union background work. If I can land a couple of consecutive days that don't interfere with my work schedule, I will probably make the trip for the paycheck.

Monday, March 21, 2011

So much for "Blogging for Accountability"

I guess what's important is that I'm back, and blogging now. Uber-condensed update follows:

I love my new apartment and new roommates. The rent is affordable, we have roof access, and within my first week my roommate texted me to let me know we were having a 'vegan burrito party'. I totally found the right people.

I went to callbacks for 'Honestly Abe'. While I was happy and flattered to be called back, the role was very not-me. While I'd like to think myself capable of playing an ingénue straight--little wit, tongue in cheek humor, or spunk--that's not me, and I am certainly not the best person to play those roles. Long story short, I was not cast.

However! The story has a happy ending. Nehemiah spoke of my good audition to Ross, a playwright I know from college. They're doing a staged reading of their musical 'Brick by Brick', and want me in it. Yay!

Back in Boston, I auditioned for the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. My audition went very well, and the director asked me to seriously consider their apprentice program because of the "women in shakespeare problem". While my audition was very good, there are people with far more impressive classical resumes than mine, and they will end up being cast in the three or four available roles.

The apprentice program is full-time for ten weeks during the summer. Apprentices take class on a variety of things, are warm bodies on stage during shows, and sometimes get to understudy real roles. Not only does the program cost to attend, but I wouldn't be able to make any money this summer.

I boiled it down to the following question: is having the Artistic Director of CSC as a reference worth all the potential money I could make this summer (not to mention networking during the slow season with agents and casting directors)? I decided no, it was not.

Onto the next! My voice teacher passed my info on to a Dancer/Director, who is making a site-specific piece for the opening of The Museum of Narrow Places at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Now I have a singing gig in cambridge on thursday.

I have an audition this afternoon for another showcase, and tomorrow night I'm attending an industry event.

In the next blog: Maya's New Game Plan.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In which Maya survives the scrutiny of three agents at once!

I survived the last class of access to agents! While my feedback was generally positive, all three hate my current headshot. I thought it was still in the realm of "not so bad". Looks like I was being overly optimistic.

There is one slot left for the Broadway session of Access to Agents. I'm extremely torn...Paul says that fewer Musical Theater actors are submitting themselves to agents...there's an actual opening in this ridiculous marketplace. I think the class would conflict with the Abe Lincoln show. I think my current compromise will be to send out mailers to agents who specialize in musical theater on my quest for representation.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

First New York Callback!

Its on thursday for Honestly Abe. Woohoo! No word yet on what role, or what it will entail.

Sadly, it turned out I couldn't make it to the callbacks of All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret, so I canceled my audition.

Also sadly: North Shore non-eq auditions are on the same day as Theater by the Sea auditions. While the idea of cutting a bus ride out of my schedule is tempting, I think I'll be trekking home to Boston for NSMT.

Monday looks to be an interesting marathon. Not only does in include the third dragging in as many weeks of all of my possessions across public transit, but it is also Agent Night, the culmination of my class with Paul Russel. Hopefully one of three agents will call me in for a meeting. If they don't, then the research begins on what agents to start mailing to. I'm especially hopeful about Honestly Abe, because then I could have a project to which I could invite agents and casting directors. Fingers crossed.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Networking FTW!

Tuesday night I sent a facebook message to a friend who had been my music director in multiple shows back at Sarah Lawrence. I said hi, and asked what he was up to. He responded by asking me if I wanted to audition for the show he's currently MDing. Of course I did!

The show is called Honestly Abe, about president young President Lincoln previous to his move to Springfield. It turns the out the director is also someone I know from school.

So, I knew two people in the audition room very well. I sang very well. Nehemiah thinks its curious I'm still calling myself a Mezzo (I have a secret fear I'm a dramatic soprano. More on that later), and Josh asked me about my dance experience. I got the slow, respectful nod from the producer/manager, and could not have been more pleased with how it went.

Well, maybe if my hair had had a few less flyaways.

Saturday I've also got an audition for the All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret. Let's get some work and invite important industry people to see it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working and Moving and Class, oh my!

Last night in our Access to Agents class, I had a "good, no, very good" audition. While some of my classmates were sent out to enter the room again and again, or needed work on their scenes, I entered once, read once, and was given no notes. I am a beast!

I've successfully made it to New Jersey for my week of apartment limbo. This weekend I will start moving my things to my fabulous new apartment in Kensington. Its well below my previous price estimate, has roof access, and fabulous foodie roommates.I can stay there on a month-to-month basis, and the utilities are included in the rent. Its also a grand total of two blocks from the F train. Win.

I am torn as to whether I want to sign up for Paul Russel's April session--the twice yearly musical theater class. I think I'm going to hold off and see if any agents call me in from this session before spending more money on classes.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stealing my food? Seriously?

My housemates had a jam session at 4am. Not only did they manage to wake me up, they also ate some of my food. Can't wait to move out.

On that note, I've found a very promising sublet up in Washington heights. It has a 24 hour doorman, the electricity comes from solar panels on the roof, and the kitchen looks gorgeous. I have an appointment to visit on monday.

This morning I subscribed to Backstage online and the Call Sheet. I've assembled all the stationery necessary to create my fabulous Paul-Russel-Certified mailer, and look forward to printing that out on my fancy craigslist printer.

....I'm not really a fan of the formatting on the Backstage website. Booo.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not bad for my second full day in New York

At 9am this morning I received a phone call regarding one of my countless submissions on Actors Access. This one was for a spokesmodel gig at fashion week. They asked if I could be there at 11. I put on my pretty face, figured out the wonky train transfers (I'm still afraid of the bus routes), and got there early!

It was a quick and painless read. The group producing the video seemed small and new, but they seemed to like me. My fellow readers were, on the whole, less than intimidating.

This evening I went to the first of my Access to Agents class with casting director Paul Russel. My resume is in far poorer shape than I had thought. So much for my professor passing it around my Auditioning class at Sarah Lawrence as an example.
I'm actually excited about my homework. Ordering fancy paper and labels and reformatting my resume sounds like a blast. Yes, I realize I'm a nerd.

On the way home, I picked myself up a six-pack of the Sam Adams winter lager. I think a nice beer is good at the end of a good day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I made it to New York!

And I am a very sore person.

I'm still looking for a place starting around March 1st. I send out around ten emails every day.

I had my audition for an Equity production of The Most Happy Fella on Saturday. It went well, but the show is looking for a tiny ensemble. Fingers crossed anyways.

Yesterday I dyed my hair to a more reasonable, plausibly natural, blonde. Today I got a message on Actors Access calling me in to impersonate Gwen Stefani for a music video. I guess my hair has very poor timing.

I'm waiting to hear on some auditions for films in boston. At this point I'll travel for waivered BG work, and one of the people who calls me in frequently is in charge of principal casting for a new Mark Wahlberg movie.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick and Snowy

Being snowed in, I decided today was a fine day to finally get my website up. My fantastic and talented webmaster has promised me that will go live this afternoon.

My 8x10 paper arrived! Soon as the goddamn snow stops, I can go print out both incarnations of my resume! No more x-acto knives for me.

After many trials and tribulations, I committed to a sublet in Bushwick from 2/6-2/21. I'm hoping my ability to visit apartments and network in person will pay off.

I am also proud to announce that I've joined the cast of "A REMARKABLE APPARATUS: THE MAKING OF 'IN THE PENAL COLONY'". A friend at Sarah Lawrence is directing, and I am very excited about the project.

Friday, January 28, 2011

First Date Jitters

My skype date with my prospective roommates went well last night. They definitely seemed 'my crowd', and I enjoyed talking to them. A couple more people are coming to see their place, but I should hear by sunday.

As a failsafe, I sent out emails for six more sublets this morning.

I've had to back out of the Fetish Fashion Show in Providence; I had two designers who wanted me to walk for them this year. Damn apartment drama.

On the up-side, Gloucester Stage Company scheduled me an audition for Most Happy Fella. I could conceivably stay at home over the summer and earn me some EMC points if all goes well. Having done the show before, I think my chances are good.

I continue to submit for work on Actors Access with very little success. I'm hoping that it is the result of two things that are under various amounts of my control: 1) lack of a demo reel 2) no professional work in NY.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where did the time go?

I have a skype date with my 3 prospective roomies tonight. The apartment is in Bushwick, about $700/month with utilities, near two train stops, and lasts for four months.

I landed an audition for the Manhattan Dolls! They're a company based in (you guessed it) Manhattan, that sends out trios of girls who sing Andrews sisters songs and the like at events. My resume passed their initial screener, and they asked me for a singing demo. Crap! I thought, as I don't have one of those. I managed to find the DVD of the 2009 Opera Class showcase at Sarah Lawrence, ripped my song with Audacity, and sent it off. They liked it, and I have an audition booked the afternoon of the 2nd.

If all else goes as planned, I will also be auditioning for The Gloucester Stage Company's production of The Most Happy Fella Feb 5th, and the North Shore Music Theater season some time in mid-march. I've also put an open background call for Boardwalk Empire on my calendar, though they may type me out because of my platinum hair.

With my pushed-forward move date, I'm now anxious for my 8x10 paper to arrive. Damn you, media mail.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Turn in Events

Yesterday I got a call about a sublet in Bushwick. Its for four months instead of three, but the rent is under$700, there's no fee, and the roomates sound nice (two of them are post-production audio guys). Kickass.

Yesterday I also sat down and watched the rough cut of Sexually Frank. I can easily say it's the project I'm proudest of having worked on.

This morning, after battling the Alphagraphics and Kinkos websites, I broke down and ordered 8x10 paper from I trimmed the resume paper off sixty headshots for StageSource Auditions last year--never again.

Diner switched my audition date without telling me. I emailed back about it...but I won't be overly upset if it loses out of the NY move schedule madness.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Motivation through Guilt from Frankie

Since my last post, I've emailed ten people on craigslist, and reached out to many friends in New York regarding my apartment search. Law of Averages dictates I have to land something eventually, right?

I have an unrelated funny story. The film that had cast me as a minor character, constantly changed the schedule, and asked me to destroy my own goth wardrobe (that stuff is expensive!), came crawling back. The producer I dealt with is no longer on the project, and the director went back to the audition tapes and wants me for a lead. It would shoot in Boston in February, and I'm not sure I want to commute for a student film. Amusing though.

I have an audition for a film called Diner on Wednesday. Its a paying feature length indie, and the sides I've seen look promising. Hit-men, telepaths, and shapeshifters. Neato.

I've also lined up headshots with a photographer friend in the city. We would take care of those after I get an apartment and a haircut. These split ends are killing me.

Friday, January 21, 2011


So my apartment fell through.

Since I established contact with the landlady about a month ago, I had been under the impression that because I called her first, I was first in line for the apartment. In our correspondence since, she has repeatedly mentioned the importance of my having called her first.

I had booked a bus trip on tuesday, returning wednesday. Tuesday the bus schedule was canceled due to snow; I traveled to New York City and back wednesday, to come meet this woman. I met with her, the apartment was gorgeous, and our conversation went well. (The conversation we had in the house was the first mention I got of not necessarily being first in line). Later, I received a call from my boss that the landlady had indeed called her as a reference, and that my boss had given her a glowing review.

I got an email yesterday saying she felt bad, because I came out all the way from Boston, but she offered the apartment to someone else.

So I feel misled, and am now out one living space. Anybody need subletter for february and march?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes, Yes, I've been bad about three time a week

Today took a few hits.

The lead I had been pursuing on a reasonably paying NY day job fizzled.

The lead I had on VO work with Turbine fizzled. Apparently all their work is handled by WB now, I'd need to already be a part of the corporate machine.

Per request of the owner, I'm bumping up my trip to NY to next week. She wants to make sure I like the apartment. Having a brooklyn brownstone to myself for $800/month (heat included!) is already a miracle, unless it's over a smokehouse I cannot forsee myself turning it down.

Today was the slowest day of Kinect work. Ever. Seriously. I blame the 15 foot snow mountains in the parking lot for scaring away customers

I'm also stressing out over the long term goal of moving the rest of my life to New York. Finding an apartment that will fit myself, my boyfriend, my cat, and all our stuff is one thing. Finding day jobs is another. So, to distract from that let's focus on...

Things achieved recently:
I've compiled a Master Resume. It includes every bit of acting work I've done since the beginning of college.

PDF resumes! One for Musical Theater, one for Film. Straight theater soon to follow.

Master resume, PDF resumes, and most recent photos sent to my fabulous web-designer, whom I owe tons of indian food.

And Edgar, my wondrous cat, has learned to share his toys. (Yes really. He tried giving his pipe cleaner to Nellie)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Free!

Or nearly free. I wrote an email requesting to be released from my contract with P3. Credit where credit is due- I did get two usable photoshoots out of them. However, they never got accredited, and sent me to a grand total of 0 casting calls. Time to go to New York and find me a real agent.

Shooting yesterday for my spokesperson gig was...interesting. We shot 20+ different videos, only to find all of them were slightly out of focus. Really stupid rookie mistake. However, I still believe in the potential for exposure, so I haven't completely written them off. Hopefully they will learn come camera skills.

I scheduled an audition for Historical Perspectives this evening, but I think I am going to call to cancel. I don't want to commit to staying in boston for the next full school year.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pilot season!

Yes, yes, I'm missing most of it, I know. On the bright side, I've registered for Paul Russel's Access to Agents class for the month of February. I'll be schmoozing with agents during the tail end of pilot season. I figured it would be a good way to get my foot in the door.

I've been asked to model for the New Designers Fetish Fashion Show again this February. Woohoo!

Tomorrow I drive to Pembroke for my first day of website spokesperson-ing. Hooray for proof that I rock a teleprompter.

I received a phone call today from a man who makes a campy-horror tv show for NJ local access channel. He loves my video clip and wants to use me later. One step closer to TV stardom...