Monday, June 27, 2011

And I love to live so pleasantly...

Well I suppose the tax man hasn't exactly taken all my dough at this point, but it does continue to disappear.

Summer is well under way, and I need to start mailing agents and casting directors while they have time to see me. However, that requires I have more headshots printed, etc. I tried a test run with Precision Photos for StageSource, and could not have been more disappointed in terms of both quality and service. Reproductions it is, pricey though they may be.

One of the conditions of the Kinect Sales program being extended was that we only work three days a week, instead of the four we used to get. Ironically, I had four when I was living at home and could afford to work less. Now I work three days a week, pay my own bills, and need some startup funds for career related things.

What's clear is that I need something in addition to (or, should it work out, replacing) my current gig. Having zero weekend ability while only getting 18 hours per week simply does not cut it.
I've been hunting for a job bartending, cocktail waitressing, or serving. My mother calls me every time she reads an anecdotal article about how much tutors make. I had two interviews on friday for promotional work, and one today at a craft beer bar. Having just paid off my credit card that I used for the last round of headshots, I cannot afford to meet up with a playwright/director friend for drinks today. I've hit a level of 'fed up' where getting foot massages all night at a fetish party no longer seems like such a bad idea.

In the mean time, I need to do homework for these mailings that doesn't cost me anything. I'm going to start working on a fancy magazine-inspired mailer (idea courtesy of Dallas Travers) and hunting down what agents I wish to court.

The way I see it, I'm in the trenches. I'm doing what needs to be done at this point in my career. I suppose in this metaphor, I'm currently re-evaluating the infrastructure of the rations delivery system. Too far, perhaps?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's the great conjunction?

Its the end of the world! Or the beginning. End, begin; all the same.

On that note, I just received word that my program with Microsoft/Xbox isn't being renewed, and I will be unemployed as of this coming monday. The wine bar I guest-bartended for last week also did not hire me (for those of you following along).

I can't say I'm that upset about it. Due to some circumstances I won't discuss in this public forum, I had been dealing with a great deal of job-related stress over the past month. I'll also be happy to have my weekend availability back.

Onto beginnings!

Jack Menashe took lovely new headshots. If you haven't already, scroll through them on facebook and tell me which ones you like. I'm currently torn.

Sunday I attended stagesource auditions in boston. Because I was let in off the wait-list, I was scheduled in the afternoon, sans accompanist. I slated, grabbed a note off the piano, and sang a cappella.I should have been more prepared with my monologue, but I was pleased with how I did.

A couple weeks ago I attended a career seminar with Dallas Travers, whose main focus was to 'do less more often'. While I ponder headshots, I'll also be pondering which casting directors and agents to short list, and try to persuade to call me in. Feedback is also welcome on that front.

So! We have the current main goal of finding employment. Over the next two days I will be making contact with as many bars as humanly possible on the F train. Once I have the guarantee of my ability to pay rent and afford food, the acting foccii shall again begin!