Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh that's right, I used to have a blog

And I was going to update it for accountability, right? What a nice idea that was.

So here we are. I went to MA for Pirates of Penzance. While singing every day was lovely, it did put me a little behind in terms of NY auditions. When I came back I had living situation and employment issues that resulted in little income and free time. (Isn't that always the way?)

I'm finally starting to hit my stride again-- three auditions in the past week. Two for film, one for a theater festival. Both film auditions gave me a sword in the audition room. It seems that there's a  niche for snarky female characters in action movies. I hadn't thought about that casting niche before; it suits me far better than a 'quirky best friend' in a rom-com. I've already received notice for callbacks for one of the films, though both seemed to be fairly impressed with me.

Caleb and I have begun work on my demo reel. Well, we totally began it, he's the one continuing work. I am lucky to have friends to do me such labor-intensive favors. It'll be great to have a calling card, though it also represents the financial investment of hosting media on the casting pages. Which brings me to my next bit of news:

I'm in training to be a server at a bar! That elusive beast, Manhattan experience, is finally within my grasp. In theory, I should actually be able to afford most of the industry things I need. How exciting! I'm looking forward to being able to take class again.

I'm also contemplating something Dallas Travers said. She suggested I write my blog like I'm answering James Lipton's questions on Inside the Actor's Studio. With that in mind, I solemnly swear to update this blog.