Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recovered Sleep Deficit

My sleep schedule has recovered! Yay!

We finished up That Late Thursday Night at an ungodly hour Friday morning. Despite some mild disorganization, I was pleased with it, and hope that it will come out well. I connected with the DP, who has a strong background in photography,and is looking for some TFP work. We've been talking about shooting, as well as me possibly doing some voice over work for stop-motion-animation.

Sunday morning I auditioned for a season with a local production company. They're shooting a couple shorts, a feature length, and a pilot. They seemed to like my reading for one of the lead roles. They seemed surprised that I could turn out a decent reading without previous direction and critique. Yay acting homework.

I spoke with my SLC friend, and the logistics just don't work out to do his film this semester. However, he does want me on his film in the Spring. I would have a leading a role, and there would be a real live famous actor involved! I'm looking not to jinx myself, so the actor will remain unnamed until I have more details.

Last summer I had been in talks with a rock band to do some work as a vocalist. The emails fizzled out, and I assumed they went with someone else. Lo and behold, I received an email from them yesterday. They're still looking, and have settled on a sci-fi theme for the band. I need to pick out a song to cover for my audition, but I'm also looking at writing a vocal line to one of the demos they've posted online. I do look good in spandex and lamé....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I think I'm officially Nocturnal

Between Seattle jet-lag, two dolls shows in a row, an overnight shoot on friday, and a midnight promo last night, I haven't seen 7am in some time now.

Nighthawks went very well.I had never seen a crew so large for a student film. Everyone was upbeat, despite the late hour and cold. Over the course of the evening we had 911 called on us, drunks and junkies try to come in thinking we were open, film mags jam, but I was very pleased with how things went.

Today I have an audition for Shakespeare Now, for which, honestly, I could have been better prepared. My best hope for a role is Helena in Midsummer, as I am towering maypole-size.

Tonight I'm shooting That Late Thursday Night in Fitchburg. The script is simple, and I think does a very good job of showing some relationship collateral damage.

Last but not least, I just put a video up on Youtube for a Sarah Lawrence friend. His most recent film was screened at a horror festival in New York. The character I read for was originally male, but if he likes my read we can work it out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its not my fault, I was in Seattle!

...and lugging my laptop through two airports seemed like no fun at all.

My staged reading of The Elephant Man went well. We performed for a small but enthusiastic audience at a church in Newton. I think Mrs. Kendal is a good role for me, but in order to include it I'd have to put a 'staged reading' section on my resume and eat up valuable space. Hmm.

I've landed two student films in the past week. One shoots this friday night in Boston, and the other next week in Fitchburg. I'm rather partial to the script for the latter, but since its undergrad BFA season I'm looking to snap up as much reel material as possible.

Speaking of reels, I've realized that my Actors Access profile is sadly lacking in video. Because they charge per minute, I think I am going to hold off until I have a reel, rather than pay for five minutes of video from one movie. Does anyone have experience of this, and hold the magical knowledge of what "they" are looking for?

I have an audition for Shakespeare Now next week. While it would put the investigating New York plan on hiatus, it would pay my bills doing Shakespeare. That would be...more than okay.

I spent the past two nights at the Dresden Dolls reunion shows at the Wilbur theater, and must give a shout out to last night's opener, Bitter Ruin. They're a voice/guitar duo from the UK, and theatrical and warped in all the right ways. Check them out. Now. Seriously.