Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gearing up for January

Pirates opened to good reviews on friday. One such review, by Beverly Creasey, mentioned me by name. I guess that thing about 'no small roles' is true after all. This weekend's shows are selling well, and we are recording a cast album on thursday. I haven't been in studio in ages, so it looks to be a good time.

Sexually Frank has been submitted to its first round of festivals, and is garnering its own share of press. Check out an interview with director extraordinaire Frankie Frain here.

I've started submitting for auditions in January, and have been working on my mailers. While my hopes are not high of being 'discovered' in time for pilot season, my goal is to be called in for multiple principals for next year's summerstock.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Surviving Suburbia

So here we are, halfway through our little stint based in suburbia....and I'm quite quickly becoming bored out of my skull.

I've been decent about accomplishing the things on my ambitious list. Hanlon's book of piano exercises has been kicking my butt. I've tweaked my fancy HTML email, and started combing through the Backstage listings to find recipients. I've chosen the first batch of Casting Directors to receive hard-copy mailers, and will be going into my dad's office next week to abuse his printer.

I did not buy Rocksmith. The MIDI-enabled keyboard stayed in Brooklyn, but I have been working on an excellent new song for both my voice and acting types. We'll see how terrible its sounds when I try to record it at home.

The only tempting stint with Boston Casting and RIPD is for featured background in January. I don't think another month of this lifestyle will be good for me, or my NY gig availability.

Pirates begins tech on sunday. Wish me luck.