Saturday, August 18, 2012

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

My shiny new dayjob had a hiccup. They don't know when they'll be opening. Commence panic.

Being a grown adult who deals with her issues head-on, I did the logical thing and ran away to my parents' house for five days. Eggplant grown in the backyard and quality time with cats will do wonders for one's stress level.

My second day at home, I received a facebook message that a friend's company was hiring, and that said friend thought I'd be a good fit for the position. I've been offered lovely full-time jobs before, but not since moving to New York. New York is a money-devouring beast. I evaluated how such a job would affect my current career plans. I'd be better able to fund self-produced projects. I could audition for any project that rehearsed evening and weekends.

But, soon as I get into class, the bigger auditions I hope to land will be during the week, during the day. I can't commit to a company looking for a full time 9-5 employee. Several people I've consulted on this topic have told me to lie through the interview, and quit when I land something good enough. I'm against that kind of thing. Lying is usually bad, mmkay?

I sent a response a few days later thanking the friend for thinking of me.

Even having been yanked around repeatedly, I realized that my priorities are the same. I moved to New York to be in a primary market for actors. Accepting a 9-5 would hurt my availability, and make it more difficult to achieve what I moved here to do.

The good news is that the increased stress has me practicing piano and voice more often. It's hard to stress out about liquor licenses while singing through The Last Five Years.

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